Friday 8 July 2011

Where is the time going?

Hi Blogland

Another huge gap between posts!  Things have just been so hectic at home that I'm not getting on at all, I'm not really even making that many cards.  I've had to concentrate on producing a dozen thank you cards for the birthday presents that Emily received, and that's all I've done!  I've even missed a couple of challenges I would normally take part in.

After feeling that things were back to normal last week, this week Emily goes and catches a viral infection which means a week off nursery so everything grinds to a halt at home.

I have enough trouble looking after just one child andI take my hat of to those of you who juggle family and work and craft - I can only do family at the mo!  How on earth do those of you with more than one child cope with the pulling in all directions when one is ill?

Most of the last week Em has been asleep on my lap, then sleeping badly and so we are all having disturbed nights - I feel like the clock has re-wound 3 1/2 years and am as shattered as when she was a tiny baby.

Anyway, she is on the mend (I know that as she was particularly 'challenging' to put it nicely today!) and hopefully craft will resume next week once she is back at nursery.  If only she would sleep through as well, I'd get my evenings back also.

So the cardage is pretty slim at the mo and thought, just so you knew I hadn't popped my clogs, that I'd show the Thank you cards I made.

I used a Sugar Nellie, Rachelle Anne Miller stamp - Duck in Boots on an A6 card. To keep it simple I just stamped and coloured, with my Prismas, directly onto the card.  Then for interest I varied the colour of the ducks bib, boots and flower.  I also stuck a small button into the middle of each flower and that's it really.  As simple and easy as possible - although I did personalise grandads' card!

Hope you are all keeping well and major apologies for lack of commenting, third time lucky in saying this, hope all back to normal next week.



Jan said...

Great set of cards Sarah. Hope Em is back to normal soon thanks for your good wishes on my blog xx Jan

Vicky said...

Gorgeous cards Sarah....and I hope Em is feeling brighter soon...

take care sweetie....hugs Vicky xx

Wendy said...

Great cards Sarah,hope Emily is feeling better soon.
Wendy xx

coops said...

gorgeous cards sarah.the image is so sweet.
i hope emily is feeling lots better soon and i agree i don`t know how people manage it with more than 1 sister has 5 and i don`t know how she does :D

xx coops xx

kay said...

cute thank you cards sarah,hope your daughter is feeling better soon,x

Juls said...

such fun cards! Hugs Juls