Thursday 5 January 2012

Well would you look at that!

I was just having  a sneaky surf (am waiting for little 'un to come upstairs for her bath - she is watching telly and eating cake with daddy at the mo - so very healthy, eh!) and realised that I've got 99 followers!!

I've no idea how that happened and a very big welcome to all you lovely peeps who want to listen to my waffle and look at my cards.

I tell you what - I'll be back later and officially do this candy thingy for if I get one more follower to make it to 100!!

Sees you later.



Julie C. said...

WOW! Nearly there to 100!! I still remember the time when you just started your blog.... I love your waffle and your cards, of course! Looking forward to your candy. I am sure you will make it to 100 as you deserve it! ^_^

Berry said...

Well done sarah def deserved heres to the next 100 too! Hugs Rebekah xx

Kathleen said...

Well done you! I love to come by and listen to you waffle! Lol oh and I enjoy looking at your creations when Im here too hehehe!
Luv n hugs Kat
Ps glad to see Im not the only one with a wicked sense of humour!

Christine L said...

Ooooh nearly there!
Christine x

Sarah-Jane said...

Congratulations Sarah. Your creations are fab, I enjoy popping over to see what you have made.
You asked about tips for rolled flowers? All I can say is keep trying! Took me ages to get them looking anywhere near like a flower.
Make sure you start rolling the middle bit first, keep it quite tight, then looser as you get towards the end.
Sarah-Jane xx

Unknown said...

Well I see you have 100 now :) so congrats to you :)