Thursday 6 June 2013

June - Day 6

Hello blogworld,

Well with B day (Building day for those of you are wondering what on earth I'm going on about - we are having a lot of work done on our house and it's due to start on Monday) fast approaching my crafting time is getting limited.  Good days work done today - hubby's office is now officially in the 'craft' room and there is a big space where his desks used to be!

It's not completely cleared, but lets just say the bulk of it is done - hopefully it should be ready for the builders - of course I've still got to clear my shoe cupboard and I can see lots of black bin bags in my immediate future, full of shoes!!!

Anyhow, we are on Day of 6 a post a day - and, as I'm sure you're beginning to get used to with me, no card and therefore I'm doing the word side.  However, I'm hoping to show a card soon!

So the prompt for today is:

Day 6: Tell us how you/where you get your inspiration OR Craft something with an autumn theme

Hmmmm, inspiration - isn't that a fickle thing?  I used to buy magazine after magazine after magazine - it probably made up 90% of my craft inspiration but gradually I've been turning to the Internet and more specifically blogs /challenges for my inspiration.  To the extent that I've only brought two magazines in the last 18 mths - well done me!!

So, my craft routine now generally goes:

Find an image I like, colour it in, pick the papers, go find a challenge I like the look of and blog the finished card.


Find an image, google it to see what other people have done, colour it in, find the papers, put it together and then blog - then panic when I can't find a challenge to join in with!!!!  Alternatively panic when I've taken a picture of it as it's so terrible, blog anyway (I do like to over share!) and then not join in any challenges as I'm so fed up of how terrible my card looks!

I spy a bit of a theme here - images.  So shall we say my inspiration is either my rubber stamps or my digi stamps and then take it from there.

Not really got into Pinterest - I waste enough time on the computer as it is.  I'm trying Facebook but that's really more to see what crafting companies are up to or join groups (stamp companies or colouring groups).

More tomorrow,



Kim said...

I think I'm like you Sarah, always pick the image first, colour, and then faff about trying to find papers, think of a layout, etc.!
Kim x

Mel @ Melusberry HQ said...

I'm like you as we'll Sarah - find an image, google it, see what other people have done and then pick everything else that goes with it! Great post! I think the Internet is the norm for inspiration now!

Mel xx

Karen Petitt said...

Oh dear I'm the complete opposite of this. I don't like to look at what anyone has made with it first - I think I've a terrible fear that my work will never match up to what I see.
If it's a character stamp I get the papers first then an idea for a design pops into my head and i colour to match the papers and design - but it appears that I may be odd lol - not that we didn't already know that. Hope it all kicks off properly on B day - make them work hard xx

Kairen said...

I do image first too. Then remind myself after hours of colouring in that I was supposed to pick papers first doh! said...

Hi Sarah got rat blog today, keeping my fingers crossed for Monday for B day. Love Alison xx