Thursday 28 April 2011

Sugar Nellie

Well I'm still at the computer trying to make my pictures work!  Now trying out something called Paint.NET

Lets see shall we? 

I appear to have got my name on the picture, now I'm going to publish the post and see what the quality of the picture is like, I can't tell from the little picture.

By the way, the details on the card are a Sugar Nellie - Simply Sassy image, coloured with Promarkers and mounted onto an embossed Nestie die-cut.  Martha Stewart punches and Craftwork Cards card blank and sentiment.

Here we go.


Little Claire's Challenge 5 - Animals

Arggh, I'm having one of those moments trying to upload this picture!  I'm going to deal with the challenge, then if you want to read my rant you can do it after looking at the card!

The challenge this time at  Little Claire's is animals.  I won a stamp from Little Claire's in the very first challenge I entered on the blog, so I've used that one.  Its a lovely stamp, really easy to colour and I hope I've done it justice.  So the stamp is Little Claire's - Gina and friends, coloured with Promarkers and then the butterflies were lightly glittered (the background is chalked); the paper is from a Brenda Pinnick pad and the flowers are from one of my draws.  The gems are Papermania and the sentiment from Lili of the Valley.

Hope you like.

Now for those of you interested my rant!  I've made it onto a Design Team, Divas by Design - challenges start Weds 4 May, and I've got my card already to go.  Then I wandered around my new team mates blogs and they all have lovely pictures of all their different creations, some with borders, all with their websites on.  So I thought, OK Sarah up your game - you've got to look a bit more professional.  I have been here for the last 45mins trying to get blooming PaintShop Pro to give me a decent pic with a bit of text on.  Can I get the @@@###!!! thing to do it, no I can't!  I've been using Paint just to get the pictures reduced, and I can't get that to put text on my pics either!!  Arrrrggghhhh, I'm getting stressed.

So deep breath, back to the drawing board and try again.

Hope everyone else is having a better day!


Monday 25 April 2011

Oh dear, I think I have an addiction!

Do you know, I think I might need some specialist help!  I seem to be becoming addicted to Less is More - I'm trying again, again!

After the very long winded post (only earlier today, I will be in the Divorce courts for sure for all the neglect of husband and child for computer) I went back to the drawing board. 

I have two new cards and one re-arranged, both of which are down to advice from Chrissie (lady LIM - love that title by the way) and also Malyn (advice and inspiration) at ThinkInkCreative.

I remembered that before Elzybells closed I brought some flower stamps and bearing in mind Chrissies advice (work with stamps you like) I got out a stamp and worked with it. 
From Malyn I got inspiration to not use black ink and advice to swap the robot image around. 

So without further ado - my new cards follow sorry for the wonky sentiment, I'm doing these cards whilst trying to keep a 3yr old daughter entertained!

I also swapped the robot around on my other cards, hmm what do you think?  I didn't remake the cards, just did a dodgy move with the image!

Do you know I actually did not join in with the first couple of LIM challenges when I first started my blog, as I was too scared.  How times change.

Going now, daughter is sooo bored (a direct quote)!


Less is More - Week 12 Recipe 'Off Centre'

Here I am again with my entries for Less is More, this week its a recipe:

Our challenge this week should allow you to come out from your hiding places as it's an easy recipe
                           OFF CENTRE
We are looking for cards with little or no symmetry but perfect balance, which doesn't necessarily mean gems in all four corners, or any corners for that matter.
OK, so this is a very long post!  You deserve a medal if you actually read to the end, and I don't mind if you just skip to the end for the cards!
Maybe I'm not such a good LIMette as everyone else or maybe its just because I had to think about it this time, because I'm sure I do 'off centre', but I actually found this quite difficult.  I think I've managed it, but I'm not sure, so any suggestions for improvements would be welcome.
I also look at the other cards that have been posted, and so many already - how do you all find the time!? - and I know that I need a different sort of image stamp.  So many lovely flowers and abstract images, I tend to go for whimsical / cute characters and I can't seem to make those work with this challenge.  So another plea - where do you get your stamps and what makes do you recommend? 
Onto the cards.  I've made four - two with each set of stamps.  I'll not say which is my favourite this week, instead I'll leave it up to you to pick your favourites (thats presuming that you like any of them of course!).
The first two are Craftwork Cards blanks, the stamps are: Dress by Inkadinkadoo - no name for image; sentiment - Sharing Sherbet by Pollycraft and on the second stamp I also coloured in the dress and outlined the sentiment with an image from a Basic Grey set (I think - I have a terrible habit of chucking the packaging!).  The little flower is Prima.

The second two are on my normal square card blank.  The stamps are: Robot - Papermania; background - Woodware - Retro Background; and I've not idea where the sentiment came from.

Bye for now.

Saturday 23 April 2011

I just don't believe it

Hello to anyone and everyone out there in blog land,

I have just found out I got picked to be on the Design Team for Divas by Design a new challenge blog.  I tried out for the Design Team and was so scared of actually getting in that I blocked it from my mind, well apart from checking the blog out every two days ;-)

I have just got back from a morning out with hubby and daughter, turned the computer on and there was a congrats email from Anita, saying well done!  I then went and looked at the Challenge, and there was my name!  I did have to check the link twice just to make sure they really meant me, but they did!

Can you tell, I'm just a little bit excited!  Just a bit!!!

I am so looking forward to seeing what I have to do, and what it means to be a member of a Design Team, the only thing now is I suppose I should put a pic of me in my profile rather than one of the cats so you can all see who I really am! 

I will stop now and go take a chill pill!

See you all soon.


Wednesday 20 April 2011

Less is more week 11 - Acetate

Well here I am with my cards for this week Less is More challenge - acetate!  After my initial reaction of  - Nooooo, I'm running as fast as I can for the hills!  I made my way slowly past the acetate sitting in the corner of the dining room, where it is languished for more than a few years, took a deep breath and had a go. 

I had totally forgotten just what terrible stuff it is!  I stamped, smudged, swore and stamped again!  I tried colouring in and, just to prove what a dizzy gal I really am, tried to colour the image but on the side of the acetate I had stamped and the image smudged again!  I decided that I had nothing that could colour acetate so glittered it instead.  It was only after I thought about it that I realised that I should probably colour from the back and that way I wouldn't make the ink run.

So I have ended up with two cards and am not completely happy with them, but then I don't entirely dislike them either.  I will not be using the acetate again for awhile, that's for sure!  I also had terrible trouble photographing it - so apologies in advance for the dodgy pics (again!).

First card is my normal square card minus the front which I replaced with the acetate.  I stamped one of the flowers from the new Additions range from Lili of the Valley onto the acetate then glittered the blooms.  The greeting is stamped on the inside of the card and is a combination of Elzybells words. I punched a strip of card, stuck it to the back of the card to hide the acetate join and folded it around the front.  Not sure if the card needs more, it looks very plain to me.

Edited to add - I didn't realise just how much like Chrissie's it is until I just did the linky thing.  It wasn't deliberate, the card style must've stuck in my head - hope you don't mind Chrissie.  Sarah

Second card is DL size, I stamped the main image on the front of the card then repeated it on an acetate overlay.  I coloured the presents with Promarkers and left the main image without colour.  I added another greeting made up from Elzybells greetings stamped onto the front of the card.

Any comments or suggestions for improvements are always welcome and thanks for reading my acetate saga!


Saturday 16 April 2011


No cards to show this post just some good news -  I got picked again at Little Claires as one of the Top 3!  Am speechless - not something that happens very often with me.

There really will be no getting rid of me from their challenges now - I'm there for life!


Thursday 14 April 2011

I am stubborn!

So I've never done this before, but this part of my personality (I'm a Leo) does surface every so often.  I am rather stubborn and so dislike to admit defeat to the point that I'm going to put another card into the Less is More challenge.
I truly disliked the cards I made the other day, so this evening I had a proper look through my computer files and found some Shabby Princess downloads from my scrapbooking days - I hit gold, there were sentiments in there!

There were five or so sentiments and I think, when I have more time, I will come back to this concept and try the other sentiments but something about this one just spoke to me.  I matched it up with a lovely Joanna Sheen stamp that came off a sheet of un-mounted stamps called Babies (I think) and made this card.

I much, much prefer it!  I couldn't put my finger on the reason why, it just seemed to me that it worked.

I am much happier now - I do so dislike showing cards I don't like. 

Thanks for your comments on my other cards, and Mandi - I know what you are saying about the better way to glitter the sentiment.  Unfortunately my Quickie Glue pen dried out on me and I binned it!

A happier Sarah

Wednesday 13 April 2011

Little Claire's Challenge 4 - Spring Celebrations

Hello all

This is just going to be a flyer as we are off out to Skegvegas shortly.  Taking little one to have a go on the rides at Bottons.

So here is my card for Little Claire's challenge it is, I hope, Spring colours.  I sort of followed the sketch at Sketch Saturday.  The image is Little Claire's Victoria - coloured with Prismacolor pencils.  The patterned paper - Making Memories, Flutter.  The backing paper, flowers, ribbon from my stock and the sentiment from Craftwork Cards.

See you soon,


Tuesday 12 April 2011

Ready for a laugh

OK, Julie

You asked, so you get!  Really showing my age now.  This is the pic that made me think of the Lili of the Valley stamp that I made a card with the other day.

I'm the littler (is that a word?) one.  A very rare pic of me and big sis not trying to do for each other.


Less is more week 10 - One layer card, sentiment focus

Hello all

Well its time to post my Less is More challenge card, I've really struggled with this one as I'm just not a sentiment as the focus sort of card person.  I've struggled to find a suitable stamp and for the first time ever have used a computer to make a card!  That then is something positive to say, that I have added a new option to my cardmaking.  I found a tutorial that Kerry posted on her blog very useful and basically I followed her instructions to make one of my cards.  Thank you very much for the tutorial Kerry, its very clear and helpful.

On to my cards, before I even start I'm going to say I'm not over happy with them, but I did promise myself that if I took part in this challenge I would try all of them - so here I am trying!

They are all my standard square cards.

First two I embossed with one of my nesties and then cut out the same shape to mask the card and stamped through the mask.  I then chalked or inked (the green background) as I thought it wasn't very clear where the frame was.  I also added a Happy birthday to one of the cards, then worried that it wasn't keeping to the rules as the sentiment was in the corner.  So the second one I just put some gems in the corner.

Second two I printed a Pink Petitcoat sentiment directly onto the card blank and then added some glitter on to some of the words.  The first attempt was onto my standard white card and the black bled a bit, second attempt I printed on slightly textured cardstock - I think that one came out better.

I'm not able to say which is my favourite as I don't really like any of them - but I took part and that (to me) is the main thing.  Hopefully next time I'll do better.


P.S. Please excuse the wonky pics, I'm having to do everything at double speed with little one of for the Easter break.  So these were taking very quickly while she was busy playing!

Sunday 10 April 2011

Divas by Design

Ok, so deeeeep breath and I can't believe I'm doing this but here goes.  There is a new challenge blog out there called Divas by Design and not only are they offering candy for their launch they are also looking for new members for their Design Team.

Well I dithered over it for ages listing in my head the reasons why I shouldn't and then why I should and I finally came up with the thought that if I don't do it, I'll never know.  So I am officially putting my head above the parapet and saying I would like to be considered for the Design Team.

What they say is:

We will be having Bi-weekly challenges set every other wednesday at 9am GMT starting from Weds 4th May. We want everyone to have fun and freedom in their creations so we don't mind if you use digi stamps, rubber stamps or no stamps! We would just like you to follow our theme for the challenge and have fun doing it! Please feel free to grab our badge for your sidebar and follow us for future fun!

They have asked for your favourite three pieces of work.  Well I really only make cards but it was so difficult to pick three cards!  I, again, dithered but finally came up with these.

I honestly don't know if I will get anywhere, as I am so new to blogging (although I have been making cards for many years) but there I've done it now.  Now I will not think about it again and what will be will be!

Friday 8 April 2011

Its funny isn't it

Isn't it funny how the strangest things are triggers for your memories?  I was wandering around blog world and looking in on various blogs when I made a regular visit to another docraft forum member and was looking at the card she had made.  Her comments on a family dog made me remember our dog Sally.  Sally died many, many moons ago but I remembered a picture I have of me, my sister and her sitting on the doorstep.  I dug that picture out and was laughing at the very children of the 70's my sister and I look like.  That in turn reminded me of the stamp and I dug it out to use for the first time today on a card for one the challenges that I take part in on the Docrafts forum.  It's a Lili of the Valley stamp (surprise, surprise!) and the first time I've used it.  I brought it ages ago as I thought it was just so cute but then so are many others and this one just got left.  It shouldn't have really!  So here we go, here is the card I made.

I'm having real fun practising with the Prismacolor pencils I got recently, they give a very different look to the card than my Promarkers which I have pretty much been colouring solidly with for the last 18mths.  The paper is from a Basic Grey pad, the ribbon and trim are Papermania.  Sentiment is Craftwork cards and I made the big flower the other two are from Wild Orchid Crafts.

Anyway, that was just my ramblings for today.  Hope everyone else had the glorious weather that we did and you are all having a good week.


PS, If I get enough requests I might even post up the pic!
PPS, I'm wondering about trying out for a Design Team, I don't know tho.  I am so new to this blogging lark, would I be able to cope?  Will ponder some more!

Wednesday 6 April 2011

It's getting closer!

Hello out there, it's me again!

Well this time this is not a challenge card, or one made 'just because', but made for a lovely lady who runs one of the groups that daughter and I go to.  Unfortunately it is finishing up this week, and as we have been going on and off for a couple of years and we have really enjoyed it, I thought I would make her a card and daughter is going to pick her a present.

The stamp is by Whimsy Stamps and I got it from Quixotic Paperie recently (along with a lot of other stamps - have I mentioned I have a stamp addiction ;-) ).  I liked the look of it on the website, and I liked it even more when it arrived.  I coloured the image with my new toys - Prismacolour pencils and used Basic Grey porcelain paper pad - with flowers and button from my stock.  I had already coloured the image when I googled for some inspiration - the layout and the black matting came from that search - but I couldn't find the image when I went to the website and it came up so small that I don't know the details.

I have another 3 more cards to make by the end of the week and we have a Tourist Board inspection on the holiday cottage tomorrow and I've got to clean but cards always take priority.

Are you wondering about the title of the post - what is getting closer I can hear you cry.  September I answer, and my little girl starting in Reception.  We had letters from Nursery today outlining their Reception class inductions, I was welling up just getting the letter in my hand.  I know it probably sounds silly to all those of you out there who have been through this before, but it's the first (and only time) for me, I know she will be fine - I won't!

We have until the 26th to find out officially if she is going to this school, but as the Council say over 90% of parents get their first choice hopefully all will be well.

Anyway, waffling doesn't get the hoovering done.

Cheerio all,


Tuesday 5 April 2011

Lili of the Valley - Challenge 90 Spring

Hello me again!

So here I am again with my entry for this weeks Lili of the Valley challenge which, as you may have guessed from the title of the post, has a Spring theme.

Again I don't really know how to stop at one card, so I ended up making a couple.  In the end though I plumped for this one, I may well post the others seperately - so keep an eye on the blog!  I am still trying out simpler cards so this one, though it has flowers, is (I think) less fusy than my other cards. 

Anyway, enough waffle!  Details on the card.  I used Fairies - On Tiptoe and coloured in with my promarkers then highlighted with stickles.  I cut it out with a nestie shape, then layered onto patterned paper, and pink card, both of which I embossed a border around.  The sentiment is from a very old set  from Pink Petticoat and cut out on a nestie circle, the punched strip was made with a Martha Stewart border punch.  Flowers are from Wild Orchid Crafts and Joanna Sheen.

Hope you like,


Sunday 3 April 2011

Less is More - a touch of red

Hello all

Well here I am entering the Less is More challenge again!  First off I wanted to say thank you to everyone who left comments on my cards last week.  You have no idea how much it boosts my confidence that you all were so kind and complimentary about my cards - especially as you all make such stunning cards yourselves.

So this week, a touch of red, I was thinking about this on and off all Saturday.  I tend to go for character stamps these days and I couldn't think of many of them that I thought would look good with just red, the only one that I thought might work had already been used.  So back to the drawing board and my older stamps.  I had a root around my, many!, boxes of stamps and found a couple that I thought would work.

Again being Sarah, I ended up making two cards.  I couldn't decide which I liked best, so here are my two attempts.  I still have the option of the other stamp and I may be back later in the week with more.

So my first card I stuck to my standard square, stamped the image in the corner, the sentiment on the opposite side and drew a black line around the card.  The red ribbon was coloured with my pencils and glittered with Martha Stewart Glitter.  I was a bit nervous of leaving the image with no colour and so very lightly highlighted it with grey pencil. 

On my second card I used the DL size again, I almost always used to make this size card when first starting out, and it was nice to be reminded of it in last weeks challenge.  This time I stamped the image on a separate piece of card, matted it with black paper and then mounted it on the card blank.  Stamped the sentiment in the top left, coloured the ribbon with pencils again, but this time I used Stickles glitter to highlight.  I was braver as well and left the image uncoloured.

I think this shows me two things.  One I need more sentiment stamps, I know a lot of people computer generate their sentiments, but I just love stamping.  Two, it doesn't matter how hard I try I cannot get a straight edge!  I wonder if it's something about being left-handed. 

Finally I noticed after I took the pictures that one of the edges of my cards is a bit feathered, it's time to change my trimmers' blade I think.  I am looking at changing over to a guillotine, an X-cut has been suggested by friends on Do-crafts forum - any other suggestions anyone?


Saturday 2 April 2011

I'm stunned!

Well I could crush a grape (showing my age here!), I won at Little Claire's Challenge No 3 - Pink and Green and can have a badge on my blog!  Am so chuffed, its brilliant.  I also won the prize as well, wheyhey on a roll or what.

Its really come at a good time, as I was trying to make a card for the Lili of the Valley challenge last night and was on the point of throwing my dummy out of the pram.  Nothing was working, and I have to admit to feeling a bit intimidated by all the lovely cards that I see there week after week.  It was late and I was feeling a bit sorry for myself, so to come on today and see that my cards were picked is amazing!

Thank you ever so much.


P.S. I got over it about Lili of the Valley, I do what I do - if it's not up to other people's level well either then I learn and get better or I say they are my cards my style and move on.