Tuesday 12 April 2011

Less is more week 10 - One layer card, sentiment focus

Hello all

Well its time to post my Less is More challenge card, I've really struggled with this one as I'm just not a sentiment as the focus sort of card person.  I've struggled to find a suitable stamp and for the first time ever have used a computer to make a card!  That then is something positive to say, that I have added a new option to my cardmaking.  I found a tutorial that Kerry posted on her blog very useful and basically I followed her instructions to make one of my cards.  Thank you very much for the tutorial Kerry, its very clear and helpful.

On to my cards, before I even start I'm going to say I'm not over happy with them, but I did promise myself that if I took part in this challenge I would try all of them - so here I am trying!

They are all my standard square cards.

First two I embossed with one of my nesties and then cut out the same shape to mask the card and stamped through the mask.  I then chalked or inked (the green background) as I thought it wasn't very clear where the frame was.  I also added a Happy birthday to one of the cards, then worried that it wasn't keeping to the rules as the sentiment was in the corner.  So the second one I just put some gems in the corner.

Second two I printed a Pink Petitcoat sentiment directly onto the card blank and then added some glitter on to some of the words.  The first attempt was onto my standard white card and the black bled a bit, second attempt I printed on slightly textured cardstock - I think that one came out better.

I'm not able to say which is my favourite as I don't really like any of them - but I took part and that (to me) is the main thing.  Hopefully next time I'll do better.


P.S. Please excuse the wonky pics, I'm having to do everything at double speed with little one of for the Easter break.  So these were taking very quickly while she was busy playing!


Lauren Hatwell said...

Four fabulous cards there. Lx

Mandi said...

I love the LOVE ones best!
Can I say you would find it easier to print the colour font you want and then glitter using a Quickie Glue pen and Glamour dust, or another 'crystal' glitter. It will pick up the colour nderneath giving a much neater finish
Not criticising, just saying how I see it
Thanks Sarah as always
Less is More

Jan said...

Fab cards xx Jan

TAM said...

A brilliant set of cards

Chrissie said...

I think it's brilliant that you are loyal to our challenge even when you have lots to do... well done you, we are really grateful!
I like the 'Love' ones best too, that is a great sentiment!
Enjoy the rest of your week.
"Less is More"

Canonbury creations said...

I think your cards are great especially the Love one, fab sentiment!
Val x

Susan said...

Well done...especially since you have your hands full with little ones! Beautiful cards!

massofhair said...

Fab set of cards, imho the second set are my favourite as i love the sentiment:-)

fatmonica said...

Love the cards but I think the last one is my fav!

Sharon said...

Beautiful cards but my favourite is the Love ones...x

Aileen said...

Super set of cards and great techniques. The love ones are my fav too. x

Pauline said...

Fabulous cards, love the glittered letters, really effective.

Vicky Hayes said...

All lovely cards but those Love cards are absolutely stunning and the glittered words a great idea!