Friday 3 June 2011

Sorry no cards....

Pics instead! Also an explanation of why minimal blogging took place.  I just couldn't find the time to blog on top of all the other things I had going on.

We had my father-in-law staying at the end of last week, into the first half of this week.  Here he and Emily were busy planting runner beans in the garden - it's the one of the very few veggies I can get her to eat and I think a lot of that comes from them being planted with Grandad!

She is looking oh so interested in seeds being planted.  She did get a bit more enthusiastic than this!

The weather for the Bank Holiday Monday just gone was dreadful here, it just rained constantly so they didn't get all the beans planted.  Emily and her daddy will be out doing that tomorrow.

The day after Grandad left, Emily and I met up with some friends at a kids play area, then yesterday the weather was just amazing - so hot and sunny!  One of last years' birthday presents made it's first appearance this year.

Good job we've got 3/4 of an acre of land, eh!  Can you imagine trying to get something like this into a pocket hanky size garden!  These are also decent pics of Emily, as soon as she saw this come out she stripped!

Then today we met up with a friend and went swimming, all the children had a wonderful time.

The weekend will be busy as well, then normal service will be resumed next week as Nursery is back.

I hope everyone else had the same good weather we have been enjoying, and that you all enjoy your weekends.




Vicky said...

Wow...can I come over to! fabulous piccies and I am so green with envy..wish my wee garden was that big hehehe...!

have a lovely weekend...hugs Vicky xx

Berry said...

I love that slide I want a go! Fab pictures Sarah hugs rebekah xx

Wendy said...

Lovely pics Sarah,Wow fab slide,bet Emily will have hours of fun on this.Enjoy the weekend.
Wendy xx

Vicky Hayes said...

Ahhh! Some things are more important than stamping and this is one of them! Vx