Sunday 26 February 2012

I think I've lost something

and that something would be my inspiration or mojo or whatever you want to call it - anyone found it wandering loose anywhere?

I had a whole day to myself yesterday - Peter went off down to Essex and took Emily with him (a whole 12 hours on their own - and they survived it!) I sat here shuffled my stuff around on my 'desk'.

Surfed the 'net, shuffled some more.

Went and watched daytime rubbish telly, shuffled some more.

Went and watched loads of Dr Who (David Tennant era, that made me happy!), shuffled some more.

Gave up, had my dinner and then watched more Dr Who.

Wasted day - in total two images part coloured and tried a new skin combo for my Promarkers that I didn't even feel went together so well.  I do wish I could get the shading right on faces!

So what's the solution then, anyone got one?  All comments gratefully received.

Otherwise I might just give up and sell the lot!!!!  Yeah, right!!!



Tracey T said...

Sarah, I SO feel your pain! I think we've probably all been there - I can have stuff hanging around for weeks and not seem to be able to get on and get it finished. Next week's DT card is a classic example - started ages ago, liked it until I coloured in my image, then hated it but couldn't get my head round starting again. Finished it yesterday after taking it apart and colouring a totally new image. Feel a lot better about it now! I can waste hours blog hopping when I should be working ( a bit like now!) So don't worry - you'll be reunited with your lovely card-making mojo before long! xx

catherine said...

Sarah it has been just the same for me at the moment. i am startingon a new adventure and the link is on my blog. it will take some time but I have started. I hope people will like the difference in me next week. Hope you find a happy medium and don't give up all together. this happens to us all at some time.
X catherine

Wendy Fraser said...

It happens to us all hun! Why not have a wee look on Feline Playful to see if you can find a sketch or colour combo to give you a kickstart! xx

Lily Anuska said...

Sarah am I currently have the same problem. I feel so tired and my head is so empty. I'm trying to finish a card. Maybe tomorrow. So I'm bloging and waiting to find my creativity. Hugs. Lily Anuska

Jayne A said...

I put on my favourite music dance around the house a bit. Make sure that the house and my crafting space are tidy (I can craft in a mess it makes me confused!!!!)
Then I change the music to something that makes me think of relaxing on the beach and Bob's your uncle.

I'm saying it always works but give it a go.


Kathleen said...

Aww Sarah, Dont worry we all have those days (or weeks in my case!) why dont you pop over to my blog as there is a little surprise for you! hopefully cheer you up
hugs Kat xx

mixamatoasties said...

And DT wasn't enough to inspire you ;) Phwoar....

Sorry, that's not very helpful is it but I've come over all unnecessary now ;)


Pink Dandelion said...

Hi Sarah I have just gone through the same thing, but thanks to a new baby on the way (no not me, past all that lol) I've got back into my cardmaking again. Good luck Debs xx

Unknown said...

Oh boy do I know that feeling Sarah?! My advice? Have a really good tidy up of your craft space! Re-organise your papers, tidy up the little bits of 'useful bits', organise you printed/stamped images into themes or by company/artist....then try and tear yourself away for a cup of tea! It always works for me! That tidy up make me find things I'd forgotten about and I get 'itchy fingers'!

Good luck'll be back before you know it! ;)
Lizy x

Unknown said...

When it happens to me, I have a look at some old magazines until I find something I like, then set about recreating it, and usually find that it leads onto something else. Mind you, sometimes you just need a good rest! Best of luck finding your mojo. Maddy x

Berry said...

OMG I swear we were seperated at birth ya know! I've had the whole weekend off work and today hubby went off to Nottingham to see friend and is gone all night and what have I done? Stuff all thats what!!! I have cleaned the craft area and found I have far too much stuff as always but have created nothing ggrr! Don't know what's up with me! Hugs rebekah xx

Arabella said...

Lol Sarah! I'm feeling exactly the same at the moment! I hardly achieved anything all weekend except tidy my craft desk! Could it be the weather? Or the mojo pixies?


coops said...

hiya sarah.i think sometimes we burn ourselves out.i had lots of time to make cards yesterday but i really just couldn`t be bothered,i was surfing the net too and in the end picked out some challenges and challenged myself to make a card, wasn`t happy with it but hey i tried and this morning i have a stinking cold, blergh :S

xx coops xx

Christine L said...

I think all these mojos - including mine - are on holiday somewhere living it up in the bars and nightclubs, and sunning themselves on the beach! Hopefully they'll come back soon!!
Christine x

Katya said...

LOL like Christine L above said... they went out to live it up. Maybe had a little too much partying and got locked up abroad. Hopefully when they come back soon.


By the way, I like your chatty self lol I deal with kids all day long so grown-up rambling (especially about crafty stuff) is alright with me. Hugs ;)