Tuesday 19 June 2012

Don't panic!!!

Trouble is I keep asking why not???!!!

Hello blogworld

Well this is the first non DT post for awhile, again!, and it's going to be the last for a few days as well.

Life at chez Sarah is still hectic - and I ask myself how does one small person who is not quite 5 yet make life quite so manicy panicy!!!!  I do not know how those of you who have a child / children, work and play fit it all in!

OK - here goes, life since my last non DT post.  Well we missed the party - said small person decided that slapping mummy, writing on the bedroom wall, telling mummy that 'you've ruined my life', arguing with daddy and getting up herself (and therefore me or her daddy) at 5am every morning was worth not going to a friend's birthday party!

Said small person is now on a rewards chart - it worked fairly well last week and she got to go to another friends' birthday party.  We are now earning presents for her birthday on Friday - one present per good day.  Oh and a couple for reading well - she always amazes me with her reading she worked out 'circus' and 'gymnastics' on her own last night.

We have grandad coming to stay today - until early next week, the birthday on Friday (for which I've got to bake a cake for 30 kids/teachers), the party on Sunday (we moved it to a hall - it's going to rain!!!) - more baking / organising / panicking, a few DT and birthday cards to make and then, hopefully, calm will be restored.  Huh, I wonder who I'm trying to kid!!

Oh and Miss Miss Tinker - is definitely a Miss - she is expecting!!!  One too many wild nights before she came to live in the splendid isolation that is our house me thinks.  We aren't quite sure how many kittens, or when, but judging by the size of her - many and soon will answer those questions.

And finally a card - made in double quick time as I needed an awkward male person card.  So out came the rub-ons, nesties and paper and tah-dah!

Only one pic as it's sooooo boring!!!

I used:

No stamp
Rub-ons - whose don't know!

Whose? - it's a scrap

Anything else?
Nah, didn't have time or patience (that's me all over!)

So when next I write I will be the mother of a five year old - where did those years go, eh!!  It will be then creeping up to my birthday and I will be sooooo ooolllddd!!!!

I think I'm finally getting around everyones' blogs tho - if not bear with me, you'll have me rambling on your blog soon enough.

Hope you are all well,


Hmm, can I find a challenge, or two, for this very plain card?

My Mum's Craft Shop: Challenge #61 - Clean and Simple

And that's all folks!


Judith said...

Ha Ha - oh the joys - been there, done that, got the tea shirt (even got the kittens!)My awful bratty child has a child of her own now - only 6 months old and I'm just dying for the day when he'll get my revenge for me!! - except she's not little and bratty and screamy anymore - she probably my best friend!! - so you can live in hope
As for the card its lovely and bright and not in the least bit boring - have a great birthday week! hugs Judith x

scrappymo! said...

All these trying times and how you handle them is what shapes her as an adult. Sounds like you are handling them just fine and little missy will make it through to become a lovely, well adjusted adult! Keep up the good work!

Sue said...

oh my goodness Sarah, don't you ever stop for air!!! love your title - reminds me of Dad's Army!
Makes me realise how well behaved my children are now listening to you, I know how you feel though but it sounds like you are dealing with it all very well. It will get easier - honestly!
Anyway, your card is lovely.
good luck with the kittens - wish I could have one of them!
Big hugs Sue

catherine said...

Sarah I would like to say it gets easier at five - but you wouldn't forgive me if I did!!. You sound like your handling it well though and I know you will give a great party!!
So the house guest is bringing you more joy I see.
Your card is super and love the colours in it. I like cards like this as I think they are stylish looking.
Hope things settle for you
x catherine

Flowergirl said...

Blimey! Sounds a bit hectic at yours! Lol, hope Emily has a lovely birthday on friday.
Fab card too x
Wendy x

Tracey T said...

The card is gorgeous, Sarah - a lovely example of CAS. Sorry to hear that things have been a little fraught. Maybe Emily's getting all of her naughtiness out now and you'll get an easier time than most in her teenage years! The reward chart is a very good idea. Just stick to your guns! Hugs, Tracey x

Wendy Fraser said...

I feel your pain, mine's five and a half now and ready to start primary two in august! Where does the time go? Super card, great design xx

cathi139 said...

well, life without children would be boring, wouldn't it?! ;-) I have a son of 5 and a daughter of 10 months who take care that mummy is not bored ;-) they say, it will get easier - but when???
Hold on :-)
Love your card
Cathi from Germany

Jo said...

Aww, Sarah, you sound like me a few years ago...I remember those days well but i promise they'll soon pass and before you know it she'll be blogging and crafting alongside you! Hope Emily has a fantastic birthday...5 years old, eh, my eldest was 25 on Monday....won't tell you how old i am lol!Take care, hun, enjoy Grandad's visit and Happy Baking!Lots of Happy Birthday Wishes to Emily!
Hugs Jo x
p.s ....I think your card is fab!

Rachel said...

Gorgeous those pretty colours.

Sounds like you've been busy!
Wedgie xxx

Vicky said...

Simply gorgeous Sarah...:o)

big hugs Vicky xx

Anne-Marie said...

Oh, this made me splutter me PepsiMax...haaa! Our 5 year old grandson recently told his Mum n Dad he was leaving home, 'cos they were rubbish, and could they tell him where he could go that would let him stay up 'til midnight...packed his clothes, still on the hangers...haahaa! Hang in'll be worth it!
Oh...silly me...nearly forgot your fabby card....beautifully elegant, methinks!

DesignerDiva said...

Sarah I just love your ramblings lol! you are a breath of fresh air!! Good luck with the party, I used to love my kids parties, from 6 onwards I hired a DJ and he did all the entertaining - all I had to do was dance! the bidie song, superman and barbie girl included lol
I think your rub on might be K & Co as I think I have the said rub on and you are far too hard on yourself! The card is great!
Hugs Laurie xx

I remember one Christmas telling my kids if they were naughty Santa would give them coal instead of presents and my darling 5 year old daughter had pushed me to my limits the night before so I added a lump of coal on top of her pile of presents - her face was a picture!! lol

Arabella said...

Lol Sarah! Ouch! Sounds like there's never a dull moment in your household! And here I was thinking starting a family might not be such a bad idea...
I'm sure it will get better though :)

Your card is gorgeous! Just perfect for a boy card.


coops said...

good luck with the rewards chart certainly know how to push our buttons.hopefully emily will have lots of presents on sunday.
love your card, the simple design is really fab :D

xx coops xx

Kathleen said...

Hehehe Sarah, when do you take time to breathe! Lol I remember those days of stroppy 4/5yr olds, they just slowly turn into a stroppy 15yr old! Sorry to say, 'Just you wait!' I would love to say it gets easier but then I would be lying, I can say it if you want, to make you feel better! Lol
Boys are so much easier, alex is great, Maya is another story and I have a sinking feeling I am going to be going through hell for a good few years with her!
Fab card btw, made me giggle with your supplies list!
Kat xx

Berry said...

Oh my goodness as if you didn't have enough on your hands it turns out your waif and stray is pregnant! I think you are crazy or super woman or maybe a bit of both! 30 kids, a party, reward charts etc! I'm sort of muddling through my life right now on drugs and disorganisation! I love the pretty card by the way lol!
Hugs Rebekah xx

Faye said...

Hey you. This is a lovely fresh and clean card. Love the zingy pastels. P.S. How can you be disappointed in Boo for chasing another girl, when Miss naughty knickers is with child?! ;) xx

Christine L said...

Fabulous man-type card hon.. love it!

And love your tales of your five year old!! hehe

Christine x

Maarit at Violets Corner said...

I know where you're coming from, been there once. Mine are teenagers now and they do have good days, so hang in there!

The card is fabulous!

Warm hugs

Tracey T said...

Hey Sweetie! Just wanted to say a great big thank you for the beautiful card you sent me. It is absolutely gorgeous (your colouring is stunning) and most definitely a "keeper". I feel so lucky to have such lovely teamies and friends. Sending you the hugest of hugs, Tracey xx

Sarah-Jane said...

Great cas card Sarah. Sorry to hear you are still having problems with your Emily. I blame school! My Amelia-Grace was a nice little girl, then she started school and turned into a monster.
Has Miss Miss Tinker had her babies yet? What are you going to do with them all? Can't wait to see pics. I do love cats but don't think I could cope with a house full. My two are driving me nuts at the moment, cat hair everywhere! Poor things don't know if they should have a winter coat or a summer coat!
Sarah-Jane xx

Lisa xx said...

gorgeous card Sarah, hope the lovely lady herself has a wonderful 5th birthday - it all goes far too quickly doesnt it xx

Jayne A said...

Oh Sarah sorry to hear you are having a rotten time of it. It will get easier for a while and then they turn 18 and turn back into monsters!!!. My daughter is 22 and my son just 12 and I keep threatening to move house and not give them the address!!!

Your card is fab by the way

xxxtglxxx said...

I agree with the above, how you handle this makes the all the difference, and so its well worth all the extra effort. Sounds to me like you are doing it brilliantly. You are the boss!

Ooooh and kitties! well thats something to look forward to too :)

My day has been a bit manic too, lots of poop to clean up and lots of toys all over the floor, but having 2 other dogs makes the training a bit easier - monkey see, monkey do ;)

Your card has a lovely fresh CAS feel to it, and sometimes these have just as much impact. I think its very stylish :)



Kirsty Vittetoe said...

I love how sweet this looks!
Thanks for stopping by my blog to say hello! : )