Saturday 7 July 2012

a question and a possible prototype

Hello blogworld

I know, I know, I'm behind with commenting again!  I will catch up but things are still busy and it's sort of connected to why I'm posting.

It's coming to the end of the school year here - we've got two weeks left - and Emily will be moving up into Year 1 in September.  So it's all change with teachers, I asked her what she wanted to give her current teachers as leaving presents and she said she wanted to make flowers for them.

Now what I thought of as flowers and what she thought are, it would seem, two totally different concepts!  She did not like what I made and I couldn't see any flowers on what she made - it looked like a fancy telescope!!!  Brilliant that she made something, but not flowers from what I could see and my living room looked like it had been snowing there was so much tissue paper on the floor.

Daddy had a word, before world war three broke out, and she now is grudgingly accepting of the bouquet I made but I'm not sure if what I've made is silly or not.

Would you mind giving your opinions please?  Good or bad - I don't mind, honestly.  And please remember this is a prototype - maybe more blooms needed?  Certainly I need to get that butterfly to cut better!!

Would you give something like this to a teacher?  I'm, obviously, going to get other presents as well, it's just that Em really wanted to make flowers for them.

So here we go, pictures:

Trying to get perspective for you here - you can see it's only posy size.

So I think the things that are wrong are:

Needs a better ribbon - I'm so mean with my ribbon that I'm always cutting it too short and then it looks pathetic!!  So it's going to be changed to florists ribbon and I'm happy to use loads of that!

Are more blooms needed?

Better wrapping with the green tissue

Butterfly cut badly and needs to be a different colour to stand out - maybe even more of them?

Looking forward to hearing what others think.

Hope you are all having a good weekend.


PS - This is not going to the teachers - he's just curious!!


Anne-Marie said...

Honest opinion? I would say go with the rule of three....three smaller blooms would look better than two larger ones.....butterfly is actually quite pretty but I'd go with another colour and make it ribbon would look better 'cos you could do that twirly thing with it, and use lots.....tissue paper needs a little work....otherwise, this is such a pretty gift for a teacher!
Lookin' forward to the end result, whatever you decide....good luck!

scrappymo! said...

I'm a 3 bloom girl...looks more balanced. But they are very colourful and pretty.

Sue said...

They are gorgeous Sarah. I'm no expert when it comes to making flowers so I'll leave it to some of your other more knowledgeable friends to advise you. It is lovely that Emily wants to give her teacher handmade flowers though and if she knows what her favourite colours are then that would make them extra special.
Hope you enjoy the rest of the weekend

Hugs Sue

catherine said...

Sarah looks fab./ The rule with florists is always odd numbers in a bunch. Don't know why really!!. You go with whatever you like and maybe Emily could give hers and yours together. Don't stress over it!. Hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend
x catherine

Karen Petitt said...

They're gorgeous Sarah! You are being ultra picky as usual. Having said that I know from posie's I've made:
3 large flowers is fabulous;
change the ribbon;
leave the butterfly alone; and
i would use white tissue paper for the wrapping - as that makes the flowers pop more hugs karen x

Caroline said...

Hi Sarah. I'd go with the rule of 3love the butterfly and like someone said above white tissue paper would be nice but I'm no expert It looks beautiful now. Hugs. Caroline xxx

Arabella said...

Sarah I think it looks lovely! I do like the idea of white tissue paper instead of green and obviously everyone is in agreement re 3 blooms. I think maybe the butterfly should be smaller? Florists ribbon sounds great. You could also if you wanted spray the blooms with some glimmer mist or something for a little shimmer?

Don't stress too much! I don't think we ever gave teachers gifts when I was at school!

Another idea I've seen around blogs is a chocolate bar in a handmade card type wrapper... that could go nicely with your blooms! Something like this...


Christine L said...

Hi Sarah.... I think this is a lovely little unique gift for a teacher and one that will be appreciated!

I think you're right about the ribbon though... and maybe it doesn't need to have the buttefly? Just the lovely little posie!

Christine x

Tracey T said...

Firstly, you are being far too hard on yourself as usual! I think this is a lovely gift. Consensus seems to be three flowers but as for the rest I think it's up to you. You have a very good eye for colour and balance, so trust yourself! I don't know where the idea of giving a teacher a gift at the end of the year/Christmas came from - after all, you are paying us! You tend not to get pressies at high school but here in Scotland (my education authority at least) you have to let your school know if you receive anything and they in turn have to let the authority know so that you can get taxed on it! xxx

Alyce Kit and Clowder said...

I love this Sarah!! I am no pro on flower making though...but I think these look lovely and so textural. I do like the idea of the white wrapping to make the flowers pop a little more though :)

Anonymous said...

Well I think it looks lovely Sarah, the only thing I would change is the ribbon, florist ribbon would be better I think!
Helen x