Thursday 12 July 2012

They're here!

Hello blogworld

We have an announcement - Miss Miss Tinker has had the kittens!  A few more than we were anticipating - there are 5 of them!!!  Two arrived while we were having dinner, two an hour or so later and the last one an hour or so after that.

The middle two gave us a half hours worth of worry and a call to the vets, but they all seem to be doing fine now.  Emily is over the moon and has gone off to school with pictures of 'her' kittens and we are having to very closely supervise her as she wants to pick them up and cuddle them!!!

So pictures:

Unfortunately Miss Miss T decided that she would like to have them in the corner of the dining room and this is the resulting mess of trying to move all my craft stuff:

I'm not quite sure where I'm going to make cards at the moment!!!

See you soon


Caroline said...

Hi Sarah. The kittens are gorgeous so tiny. Welldone. Caroline xxx

Unknown said...

They are so cute.

Faye said...

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, I forgot how adorable little kittens are. :) I've given Boo the news and he's been out catching birds ever since... xxx

Faye said...

P.S. If there are any boys, I think you should call one, Boo!! ;) xx

Sue said...

AWWWWWWWWWWWW, I want a cuddle! I so wish I lived nearer. Emily looks like a proud big sister! Please post some more photos as they get older, I love kittens so much!!

Have fun!
Hugs Sue

Sarah-Jane said...

Congratulations Miss, Miss Tinker! Adorable kittens, keep the photos coming. Are you going to keep them all Sarah?
Sarah-Jane xx

Joey said...


Karen Petitt said...

isn't that just typical of a cat - where it wants to go and not where it would be better for it. not that i'm complaining as i adore cats and this is the longest we've ever gone without one. but ooo they is so cute! gorgeous little white stripe on their noses - scrummy little things Karen x

Arabella said...

Aww so cute and so small! I can see Emily is in love! I love the little stripes on their noses! That's one big cat family you have there now!


Christine L said...

Awwww bless!

Christine x

Unknown said...

How fabulous and how beautiful are those mini tinkers. Hugs Elaine

Sharon said...

Congratulations on the new editions - they are soooooo gorgeous.
Love Sharon. x

Jo said...

Awww,so sweet! Congratulations Miss Miss Tinker! Emily looks besotted and how much craft stuff............??
Hope you're well and having a fab week!
Hugs Jo x

catherine said...

Oh may Sarah and how many are you keeping!!(lol)
I'd have one but my dog doesn't like them -just given me nearly a heart attack after seeing one go past the patio.!!
You'll have to charge mum double rent now!
x catherine

Anne-Marie said...

Does this make you a grandma?....haaaa! Adorable ikkle those pink noses!

scrappymo! said...

What perfect little wee things.
No wonder Emily wants to cuddle them!

coops said...

aw bless they are so cute sarah :D

xx coops xx

Margreet said...

What a lovely kittens, as is your daughter lovely too, Sarah.
And those pictures of your crafting table....poor you!...haha
xxx Margreet

Faye said...

I love Boo Too! ;) xx

DollySelvam said...

hi...Thankyou very much for your precious cute kittens!!!...meeeewwwwww...!!!!...:)

Berry said...

Awww wow more babies! Hoe adorable that you adopted a cat and now have 6 lol! Hope they don't create too much havoc! Hugs Rebekah xx