Monday 30 July 2012

Want to hear some terrible singing?

OK, here I go -

Happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me, happy birthday dear meeeeeee, happy birthday to me!!

Hello blogworld,

Guess what today is!!  Nope?  Well I'll let you in on a secret - it's my birthday!

Thank you to all my lovely bloggy friends who sent cards (I'll get round and thank you personally asap), good wishes and even a present or two (wow that was unexpected and very touching!) - they are very much appreciated.

I've had a lovely day, got some great pressies and had a wonderful meal out at lunchtime, now I'm off to re-sort all my craft stuff and make a wish list for the birthday money I got.

Hang on a sec, re-sort my craft stuff ?  But why, dear Sarah, but why? Well this is why:

the before:

the during:

and the after:

What more could a crafty girl ask for - than a few stamps and storage!!!

Oh and while I'm here, I've made a decision.  I feel really bad that I'm hardly getting round anyone's blogs and I've got 60 odd comments waiting in my inbox for me to go and comment back on people's blogs.   Some of those comments have been waiting for weeks.

My solution to this position: not blog much at all during the holidays. That way I don't get comments on my blog that I then get behind with in replying to.

I'll not disappear altogether - I'll be here with my DT cards and I'll clear the comments that I've got waiting for a reply but not post anything for me after that.  If I get a little time I'll make a card for no reason occasionally, but you will only see me minimally until September - I feel terrible not answering all you lovely bloggy people so I'm going to do what I think is right and not get myself in the uncomfortable position I find myself in now.

I don't know quite why Emily being off on holiday impacts quite so much on my time - I mean it's not like I've got 3 or 4 children - but it does. Maybe it's something to do with not having any family at all that can look after her for me, it's either me or hubby and that's it.  So the holiday can be very hectic!!

Anyway it'll be nice for you all to have a break from the waffle and hope to see much more of you all in September.

Cheerio for now,


Wendy said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY SARAH...glad to hear you have had a lovely day and hoping you received my card & little pressie.
WOW! Fab storage Sarah, you lucky girl and those flowers are really gorgeous.
Emily looks so sweet & happy in the photos.Enjoy the holidays together and don't worry about your blog & commenting, you can catch up with us come September.
Wendy xx

Sue said...

Happy Birthday Sarah. Wow!! love the storage and doesn't Emily look so happy too with those gorgeous flowers.
I hope you got my card and like Wendy said you don't need to worry too much about your commenting over the summer, it's more important that you spend some time with Emily while she is still young. Make the most of it, they grow up soooo quickly!!

big Hugs Sue

Jo said...

Happy Birthday to you! So glad you had a fabby day, Emily's flowers look lovely, you lucky lady! And the!Hope you have a fantastic stress free Summer and enjoy your time with sweet Emily.....see you soon!
Hugs Jo x

Flowergirl said...

Happy birthday Sarah! Sounds like you've had a lovely day, that storage looks fab! And some beautiful flowers, lucky lady! Enjoy your summer with Emily, we'll still be here for you and your waffle! Lol!
Wendy x

Pink Dandelion said...

Happy Birthday Sarah, wow your flowers and storage drawers look fab. We don't leave comments to get them back, enjoy the holidays with Emily. I haven't been commenting or crafting much myself with my Em home from Uni. Debs xx

DesignerDiva said...

WOW WOW WOW Thats some fabby pressie Mrs! I love it!
I hope you have had a fantastic day I can see you had some great pressies and Emily playing in the box really made me smile - takes me back to when mine were little, enjoy while you can it goes soooooooooooo quickly!
Could you email me at
please, I couldn't find your email address anywhere on your blog.
And as the girls have said above, doon't worry about commenting - we are all in the same position, we know you still love us!
Enjoy the rest of your day
Hugs Laurie xx

Sarah-Jane said...

Happy Birthday Sarah. Hope my card arrived. What a lucky girl you are to get such a fab pressie! Totally understand about not blogging. I don't think I will get many cards made during the holidays. My two take up all my time and I don't get a break even though I do have family living nearby!
Sarah-Jane xx

Tanya said...

Happy birthday Sarah :) Hope you had a great day, your daughter is adorable :)

Tags xx

mixamatoasties said...

Happy birthday Sarah!

Sorry your card will be late, cos, I, er, forgot to post it!! What a numpty. Sorry.

Susan xx

PS Fab pressie by the way :)

catherine said...

Well Happy birthday to you and I wished I had known!!.Fantastic storage system you have there. Hope your not to much of a stranger over these holidays. Hope you have had a fantastic day.
x catherine

Karen Petitt said...

Happy Birthday Sarah!!! Ooh I have drawer envy right now!!! Gorgeous units - enjoy your list and I'd love to know where your lovely units came from when you have a mo!

Please stop stressing - you have a young daughter and business to run. Take some time out to spend with your lovely daughter and do not get too stressy yourself! If they are proper friends they will understand! hugs Karen x

Tracey T said...

Happy Birthday, Sweetie! So pleased that you've had a lovely day. And what a brilliant present - I may even be the teeniest bit jealous!! Don't worry about the commenting thing, either. I don't do much blogging/replying to comments during term time but that's not what it's supposed to be about. Nobody minds if they leave you a comment and you don't reply every time... this is meant to be fun, not something else to get stressed about! Hugs, Tracey xx

scrappymo! said...

I would rather see your lovely cards and have you not worry about commenting. We all had little ones once upon a time...some of us just a longer time ago. Me included.
That means I have more time on my hands to drop by and comment.
I don't leave them to get comments back...
So don't worry!

Unknown said...


WOW I am so jealous, what super, super storage. OMG I know what I will be asking for for my birthday this year.
You are such a lucky girl and your little princess in the photos looks so sweet , she is adorable.
I hope you had a lovely day .
Big Hugs Elaine

Alyce Kit and Clowder said...

WAHOO!! A huge Happy Birthday Sarah! Hope you had an amazing day and that storage looks awesome! :)

coops said...

aw belated happy birthday sorry i missed it you i am on catch pleased you had a good birthday and your storage is fantastic, looks brilliant.please don`t feel pressured to visiting people back, blogging should be fun :D

xx coops xx

Christine L said...

Hi Sarah

Happy Birthday for yesterday!! And wooooowwwww love that storage.... and your little girl is so cute!!

I totally understand you taking a break from blogging.... time to concentrate of your little one instead of a computer screen... but I only have one question... What is everybody asking you that I'm not asking??? hehe!!

Hugs and Happy times with your little one..
Christine x

Berry said...

Amazing storage you lucky lucky thing! I so know what you mean about the kiddies hols I am seriously having issues with my time and the crafting. Hope you have a lovely evening! Hugs Rebekah xx

Margreet said...

Wow Sarah...what a fab storage boxes....never seen such huge have to take another holiday to fill them......enjoy!!
xxx Margreet

Wishcraft said...

Oh wow Sarah, what a fab pressie! Hope you had a wonderful birthday, and you enjoy your time with Emily hun... I'm trying to do the same with the boys between cards and stuff lol :o) Hugs, Lisa x

Lindsay Craftymonster81 said...

Hi Sweetie, I hope you had a lovely birthday, your new storage looks amazing. Don't worry yourself too much about comments, we all have times where we can't always keep up (I know I do lol) I think most people understand, I hope you enjoy your time with Emily
Lindsay xx

Anonymous said...

Belated birthday wishes Sarah, have fun filling all those fab storage drawers! Enjoy your break too!
Helen x

Arabella said...

Happy Birthday Sarah! I hope you had a fabulous day! I totally hear you re commenting... I am feeling completely overwhelmed with crafting and commenting and normal life at the moment!