Thursday 16 August 2012

Today we have mostly been discovering.....


Kittens like to read my favourite historical romances

Emily likes nail varnish on her toes

and both our hands.

What have you discovered today?

See you soon.



catherine said...

Two paracetomol don't work-will need some more later. hayfever unfortunately!!!
Glad you and emily have had fun discovering nail varnish!!
x catherine

scrappymo! said...

That a day spent dong absolutely nothing is a fabulous feeling!
I should be vacuuming the Rv, cleaning the bathroom and using the leaf blower on the RV lot, instead I am reading blogs and catching up on visiting.

I have given myself permission to play today. I reckon if DH can golf for personal joy, I will do the same...teeheehee

xxxtglxxx said...

That if you turn your back on a puppy for even just a second he will knock his dinner dish off the worktop and scatter rice, chicken and puppy food all over the floor........ lol!

Love the funky toenails!



Christine L said...

Awwwwwwwww happy days...

Christine x

Doreen said...

so beautiful.
Big hugs
Doreen xx

coops said...

that people who deliver leaflets day in and day out deserve a medal and that even though the sun isn`t out, wear sunscreen to avoid the tomato face
your nails looks great hun and gorgeous pic of your kittens ;D

xx coops xx

Karen Petitt said...

It's lovely that you are spending this time with She Who Must Be Obeyed! The toe nails are very cute - love the painted nails too -mine are just too bad right now to do anything with. have discovered that your kittens look seriously cute!! Karen xx

Mary J said...

I've discovered that I've wasted the day by not doing any chores! Oh well, there's always tomorrow!

Thx for sharing Sarah - this was such a lovely post to read!

Juls said...

Hi Sarah

I have been M.I.A in blogland recently, and now doing a major catch up to see how everyone is getting on, hopefully life is settling into a more normal rountine now&I can get back to visiting more regularly again. I have loved having a good look round your blog to check out all I have missed,truley inspirational work!! Hugs Juls

Teresa said...

I've discovered that when I sit here too long my botty goes numb!
Your kittens are so cute, wish we could have one, love your toe & finger nails too. Hugs teresa xx

Jenny said...

I discovered today that there are only 6 more sleeps until my daughter has her d├ębutante ball which means that in 7 more sleeps - I can fall in a heap and recover from this mammoth event.

I love a bit of polish! x

Unknown said...

Gorgeous Kittens Sarah Hugs Elaine