Saturday 12 January 2013

In a huff

OK so this isn't about cards - it's my other love which is cooking - and it's a moan.

Mostly I bake, but I do like to try out new recipes as well for cooking as opposed to baking - but it's not something I get to do often.  Hubby and SHMbO do not like anything 'odd', 'new', 'lumpy', 'tasty' or 'different'.

So tonight I try a vegetable casserole (don't know that I've ever said but we're vegetarian) want to hear the reaction?

Tears and 'I'm not eating that'!! from SHMbO
He takes one look at it says I can see onion, why did you put onion in it and goes and makes himself a cheese omelette which they both then eat.

I've now got vegetable casserole for dinner for the next three nights - at least!

There have been tears - and not all of them were hers.

I'm going to bed now.  Maybe tomorrow I'll just go buy chips it would be easier.



Judith said...

just logging out for the night when I saw your post - oh dear! I know the feeling - my husbands not veggie in fact he's almost anti veggie and although he can't tell the difference roots around in the bin for evidence of a packet of quorn as justification not to eat something! I'd feed them chips for a week - preferably slightly cild and greasy- and that'll teach them lol hugs Judith x

Kim said...

oh Sarah i'm with you all the way on this! My other love is baking too - which usually goes down very well (they all have a sweet tooth lol!) but trying to find different things to cook for meals is a nightmare at times - one doesn't like this, one doesn't like that.....! Feels at times as though I run 'Kim's Caff'! Just chill (& enjoy your veg casserole!)
Kim x

Tracey T said...

Oh, Sarah, that's such a shame. I'm afraid Gregor had to eat what was put in front of him - or at least try. Even now, at 13, he knows there's no pud or evening snacks if he hasn't eaten his dinner! I think I might be tempted to take a tip from an old episode of Men Behaving Badly and put some leftover casserole in hubby's shoes... or how about he makes dinner a few nights a week? You enjoy your veggie casserole, sweetie (I bet it's delicious) and don't upset yourself. Hugs, Tracey xxx

Chris said...

Aww, poor Sarah! Hope YOU like vegetable casserole! I'm sure it's delicious and they just don't know what they're missing!

Unknown said...

You poor thing, I know just how you feel, it's hard being able to put something new on the table that everyone will like, and we are not veggie so it must be even harder for you. I wish I lived a bit nearer I would have been round for a plateful or two. Portion it up and put it in the freezer. I am sure you will have brightened up by today{Sunday}
Lots and lots of hugsxxxxxxxxxxxx

Sarah-Jane said...

Totally understand Sarah. We are a family of veggies(I'm trying to go vegan). Eve will try almost everything but Amelia-Grace is very fussy. She would rather starve than eat something new. We have had many tears at meal times. She does it at school too. My o/h isn't fussy and will eat whatever I put in front of him, but I think that's because he can't be bothered to cook!
Can you turn your casserole into something else? Put some mash or pastry on top and say it's a pie?
I would refuse to cook for a couple of days.
Sarah-Jane xx

Christine L said...

Thank you for making me giggle!! I do love your ramblings...

Christine x

Karen Petitt said...

oh Sarah, sometimes they have no idea of how hurtful they can be. Make your OH cook for a week or two - he'll not moan again. hope you feel a bit better today hun, it sounds like you are suffering from january blues too darling, big hugs K xx

Anonymous said...

Oh dear Sarah, I hope they have been more appreciative of your efforts today!
Helen x

An Occasional Genius said...

What's wrong with onion? I think vegetable casserole sounds wonderful hon, I'll nip over for lunch & share it with you anytime! I'm with Tracey, there's a rule in our house that all new recipes must be tried before they can be dismissed but I often find the trick is not to let them see what goes in it!! Lentils frequently go in my casseroles but neither of mine would touch it if they knew lol!! So long as they never find your blog...I am safe!

Anyway don't let it put you off experimenting, as long as you enjoy what you make, the other 2 are missing out. Hugs xxx

P.S. Do you eat soup? I have a wonderful recipe for red pepper & Chilli soup you can have if you want? Tracey will vouch for it! x

Faye said...

Oh dear, I can understand the huff. Completely justified. Don't bother cooking, just colour. xxx

sallysbitz2 said...

Oh dear. After all that effort! Still at least you like it & it is healthy x

hugs sally x

Berry said...

Oh Sarah I so know how you feel on this! My hubby isn't too bad but not quite as adventurous as me when it comes to food. I normally find myself doing 3 plus meals at meal times! i often eat salad (bloomin diet) and if hubby doesn't eat that with me he gets something else and the kids something else again and even then they quibble over diff veggies etc
I hate it if I make something that takes great effort and even hubby turns his nose up. I am used to caleb saying I am not eating that! thats standard talk in our house lol!
Hugs Rebekah xx

Tracey T said...

I can definitely vouch for Abi's pepper soup. It's a firm favourite in our house now - you can make it as spicy as you like and it's perfect for a cold day, as it really warms your bones! xx