Monday 25 February 2013

The bed, the tooth!

Hello blogworld,

Well I did say I'd bore you all with pictures of 'the bed' and here you go:

I don't know if you can get a feel for the size of the room - it's  roughly 14 x 12 (that's feet) and all of our rooms have high ceilings as it was built around 1900.

Can you make out the arm?  That's SHMbO trying out the new bed!

Also I found these while moving pictures about - these are the cupcakes I made for Emily's birthday.  Princesses and Pirates theme, not bad really even if I do say so myself!

Ah and the tooth - it's currently hanging on by a thread and I mean seriously a thread!  It is dangling out of her mouth but she will not let us touch it!  I tried and got screamed at, Daddy tried and got cried at - so we both gave up and let her go to bed.  Hopefully it will 'fall' out when I brush her teeth in the morning (I've got that job at tomorrow as the tooth is 'scary' to touch!).

Right am off now to fight with Mr Mojo - deadlines to meet and all that jazz, don't y'know!!!



Unknown said...

Aww bless her! Keiran hasn't got to the loose tooth stage yet, but I'm not looking forward to it! He wouldn't let me put cream on his itchy legs tonight lol!
Love the cupcakes! I did something similar for Keiran last year!
Lizy xx

DesignerDiva said...

thats a lovely little bed Sarah, I'm not surprised she was thrilled with it - I could move in there myself!
Love your cupcakes and love your pretty card below too
Hugs Laurie xx

Teresa said...

What a sweet little girls room, I'd love a room like that too. I know what you mean about the high ceilings we have them too, what fun painting eh???
Love those little cakes too.
Teresa xx

Lisa xx said...

aaawww what a cute, girly room she has....and her new bed is fab! You have my sympathy with the height of your rooms (thank the lord for extendable rollers!!!)

Unknown said...

Such a cute room and those cupcakes look amazing!! x x

coops said...

aw gorgeous bed sarah, fit for a princess and your cupcakes look yummy.
good luck with the wobbly tooth brushing, jack is still waiting to lose a tooth, he will be too old for the tooth fairy

xx coops xx

Unknown said...

The new bed is great Sarah, it is amazing how those teeth can hang by a thread. I could just eat one of those cupcakes, send me one for after lunch!
Carol.x said...

Sarah bed is lovely and those cup cakes just made my mouth water. As for the tooth hope the tooth fairies come and take it away soon. Love Alison xx

Karen Petitt said...

mmmm yummy looking cupcakes - your icing on them is fab - I use a spatula as I can't pipe for toffee! Love the bed too - the tooth yuck - yep that's scary! Glad SWMBO likes it now! Karen x

Kim said...

what a gorgeous girly bed! so pleased the dispute got settled in peace (sort of lol!). and scrummy looking cupcakes. Good luck with the tooth!
Kim x

catherine said...

Great choice Sarah and I'm sure she is sooo happy with her bed now. wondering if the tooth has come out yet!!!
x catherine

Christine L said...

The bed looks fabulous Sarah... and I spot the little lady under the covers! And those cakes.... mmmmmm!!

Christine x

scrappymo! said...

What a lovely bed and lovely room!