Sunday 10 March 2013

Mummy got....

stuff for Mother's Day!!!!

Hello blogworld

Well here we are again - another year turns and brings another Mother's Day.  Again it is a day I look forward to but dread at the same time.

Dread as there are long term problems with my family (haven't spoken to my mum for over a year now) but look forward to for my the joy that my little munchkin brings!  Not that she's without her problems - we were supposed to go to Lincoln yesterday but that was cancelled due to bad behaviour.  I wonder if I were like this when I were little?  Peter swears he was an ideal child, hmmm I'll hold judgement on that one.

However she's been 100% perfect today - and I got stuff (officially stuff!) today for Mother's Day.

Wanna see?

Here then:

Flowers and cards, don't think you can see on this but she's already very modern - the cards are addressed to Sarah not mum or mummy!!:

Craft things (got those myself yesterday on a much shorter trip than we were going to have!).  I actually have more than this, but the dies are put away already and the pre-printed toppers (£1 a pack!) were for herself, I were told that!:

And finally - my official stuff:

She really, really, really, didn't like the idea of giving me an empty box.  So she changed what she didn't like on the poem and put craft 'stuff' inside the box!!!  I just asked her why she did that and she said that it was a silly idea that the teacher had and it's not nice to give someone an empty box!

What you don't see are the chocs that have already been eaten.  She does like early morning chocolate my little munchkin!

So that's me done - and for all of those out there who don't do Mother's day, for whatever reason, I'm thinking of you.


PS - I have 149 comments in my email - some of them are multiples from one person - I will be going through them all next week and visiting all your blogs.  I promise, cross my heart!  It might just be the end of the week before I get round to you!!!


Janice said...

This is so sweet! You can see where your daughter's coming from. Who would want an empty box when they can have a box of "stuff" instead! I'm with her on this one. Enjoy Mother's Day with your daughter Sarah. Jx

mixamatoasties said...

That's so sweet. You're a very lucky Mummy.

Much love xxx

Sue B said...

Happy Mother's Day Sarah… your cards and flowers are gorgeous!! and love all your crafting goodies!! aww your daughter sounds adorable… love that she wouldn't give an empty box!! quite right too!! ;-)
Hope you are having a lovely Sunday!
Big hugs
Sue xx

Sharon said...

Hope you have had a wonderful day with your daughter. Beautiful flowers.
Love your crafty goodies.
Hugs Sharon. x

Unknown said...

Good morning Sarah, glad you had a good day, I can see where she is coming from, why give an empty box?
Have a good day.

coops said...

aw so pleased you had a lovely day Sarah :D

xx coops xx

Chris said...

Aahhh, that's so sweet Sarah! Makes all the hard work of being 'Mum' worthwhile!

Christine L said...

Love your ramblings Sarah... and also love that fab 'stuff' you received!

Christine x

catherine said...

What a beautiful card and thought about your pressie box Sarah from Emily. Hope you had a great day
x catherine

scrappymo! said...

Love the wee story...I love, love, love your gorgeous fireplace and mantel. Sp much character!

Off to read what you are up to with the house...must be a remodel!