Sunday 28 July 2013

coooo-eeee - anyone home?

Hi blogworld,

Well extremely long time no see - I wonder if there is anyone left here at all, oh and excuse me while I dust the dust on the cobwebs!!

What can I say, I've not made a card on over a month - the closest I've got is a half coloured stamp on my desk - so Mr Mojo is still well and truly on his hols.  I wonder if he'll ever come back?  Such a shame as well as there a couple of DT calls going on that I'd love to have tried out for - but no point right now as I'm just not creating.

SHMbO's birthday went off well, we ended up going to a local play centre.  There were twelve 4 - 6 yr olds playing in the soft play and then having a game of bowling - they thoroughly enjoyed it.

School broke up last Tuesday - so far we've had some wonderful weather and some not so.  Fabulous thunder storm one evening last week.  Was up far too late watching it!

Finally, to leave you on a good note, the builder turned up!  Yay!!  We now have no roof on part of our house - here are a few pictures:


1st day:

3rd day:

This is where our computers used to be:

5th day:

So I will continue to update you all with the building works, but don't hold your breaths for a card - that could be months!!!

Ah and I also know that I have some emails to reply to - I'm sorry I've been completely off radar and not replied to anyone - I will do better soon. Promise!!!


Oh, and 29 lbs of strawberry jam made - anyone want some???  And the holiday cottage is let for the whole summer - apart from one 5 day period - 1st time ever!!  We are busy bees!


mixamatoasties said...

Yay!!! Hello again. Glad to know you're ok.

Susan xx

Claire said...

Well at last the builders have arrived - nice to finally see some progress, so you must be relieved. Do keep us posted with updates - great to see you back! Hugs, Claire x

Mrs A. said...

Well no wonder you haven't been crafting. You have been jamming it instead!!! My one and only strawberry plant produced about 8 strawberries in total so don't hold your breath for a pot of jam from me!!! hugs Mrs a.

Kathleen said...

Well helllooooo there! Lol, glad to have you and your waffle back! Hehehe!
Some fab bits of news, not so good about the mojo, maybe time to try another craft? I have and Im having a blast!
Love and hugs
Kat xx

coops said...

hiya sarah.
great to see your building works have now started.i don`t envy you all the noise though.i hope you all enjoy the school holidays :D

xx coops xx said...

Sarah so glad you are back was thinking about you yesterday and wondering how things were going with you. Glad to see the building work has started, keep posting update pictures. Does it really matter if you make a card or not, your mojo will return when life is a bit less stressed for you. Mmmmm strawberry jam is my fav I've not made any this year as we didn't go to the pick your own as my new knee is still very painful so no jam this year. It's great to see you back. Love Alison xx

Anonymous said...

So glad you have a builder at last, hope all goes well and you can send some jam my way, lol!
Helen x

Hazel (Didos) said...

Oh Hello Stanger, Nice to see you back and the builders too!!! Thats great news that they have arrived. WOW lots of jam from you. Sounds ace, My Granny makes jam every year in her HUGE jeely pot!! Yes Jeely not jelly here in Scotland!!! Hope you have a smashing Summer, Love Hazelxox

Christine L said...

Looks like it's all going well Sarah.... fingers crossed you're not in chaos for too long and you get your creative mojo back!!

Big hugs
Christine x
ps... yum to the strawberry jam!