Monday 19 August 2013

anyone else....

dropped their Kindle in the sink?


That would just be me than - see when I moan about not getting any time to myself and I then get 30mins I probably shouldn't try and do the dishes and read at the same time then.

~Ah well, welcome to Sarah's world.

Kindle is now happily sitting in a bag with some rice, I'm going to go look at Amazon and see how much a new Kindle will be.


Lucy Edmondson said...

You poor thing! I think you can order Silica gel bags quite cheaply on e bay. Also there is probably a good second hand market in Kindles as a lot of people use their iPads now. Mine is actually my nextdoorneighbours, on long term loan to me and I love it. My friend uses hers during the night whilst breastfeeding her baby - guess it's safer than the sink though! Good luck!

Lucy x said...

I love my kindle Sarah and even though I have a mini Ipad and can get kindle on that its too heavy I can fall asleep with my kindle and know I am not going to be woken up with a broken nose when it falls on my face lol.

Mine has been playing up for a couple of days when I turn it on it goes to my current book but hops around the chapters for a while or a big black oblong appears at the bottom of my reading page, so mine might have to be replaced soon, hopefully it will last until Christmas and then Santa might bring me a new one.

Hope you get yours sorted out. My Sarah takes her kindle in the bath with her and staying for hours topping up the bath and reading all very well if her dad's not home wanting the loo. lol. Love Alison xxx

Chris said...

Oops! Poor Sarah! ...poor kindle!

scrappymo! said...

Give the rice a may save the day or at least the kindle!

mixamatoasties said...

Poor you! My old kindle which I gave to Craig when I got a kindle fire has recently given up. Phoned customer services - out of warranty and can't be replaced. But I can buy a discounted new one or it might be refurbished but they won't actually repair the one I've got. Grrrrrrr....

Susan xx

Christine L said...

LOL at your tale Sarah... and no, I haven't dropped mine into the sink... but been perilously close to going asleep in the bath with it!!

Are you hoping the rice will dry the moisture out?

Christine x