Sunday 18 August 2013 covered up

Hello blogworld,

Ah yes, umm weekly updates - eh!  That didn't last for long did it - still there wasn't much actually going on with the building and nothing at all with the card making, so there didn't seem much point blogging.

I really truly am finding it so difficult to get back into crafting or blogging, I try and then I fail and then I try again. Maybe I'll just give up until school goes back in September, then try properly.

Still I thought I'd do a short post to show you what the builder has been up to over the last two weeks, we haven't seen that much of him as the weather hasn't been great and he's got other jobs to go to.  We also won't see him now until the back end of next week when, hopefully, the slates will go on, the doorway into the house will be knocked through and the windows will be in.  In short the building will be finished - then it'll be onto internal work.

Though that's not all our building works finished - have I said that we got the permission to create a new floor above our garages?  So that will become Peter's hobby room and the house extension will become Emily's bedroom.  So from October more building chaos!

Anyway the work since my last post:

Peter says it looks like a little house all in it's own right - he thought if we blocked in the entrance from the kitchen into the new kitchen we could rent it out!!!

Ummm, nope!!!!!! I'm sooo looking forward to putting all of Emily's toys in her bedroom with her and getting our living room looking somewhat tidy again.

Strange how things change isn't it - Peter used to say, when Em was tiny, that he was looking forward to when she'd go play quietly in her bedroom and I'd say 'nope I'm not sending her into her room to play', now I'm like ' oh goodness Emily, please go play nice and quietly in your room for a bit and give mummy some peace'!  Does that make me a bad mother?  I do wonder sometimes if it does, but I also spend loads of time with her (she's never had a night away from me, we spend nearly every single day together, I drop her off and pick her up from school 90% of the time - she's also taken to sleeping badly again so it's a looong bedtime routine) so it is nice to be able to sit and appreciate the silence once in awhile.

So there we go, summary of the last fortnight for me:
cards - 0
building works - 5
days out - 2

See you in two weeks, probably.


5 comments: said...

Hi Sarah the building work seems to be going well at long last, don't worry about not card making your mojo will come back eventually there is just too much going on for you at the moment. I would just enjoy your time with the little one. Yes they do need time on their own as well you cannot be with them 24/7 so playing in her bedroom is ok for her so don't worry.

As you can see I have a new blog and wondered if you had time and were following me before if you would pop over and re-follow me. It would be much appreciated. Love Alison xxx

catherine said...

I am so glad Sarah that things in the building department are finally coming along and looks like it was well with the wait. it is going to be fantastic for you all when it is finished. Holidays take up a lot of time for crafters and I suspect with all this stress about the builders and little one needing lots of mummy time your crafting has just rested for a while. I am sure it will come back soon
x catherine

Kim said...

glad to hear the building work is progressing - even though it causes chaos it'll be worth it! And no, you're not a bad mum to want some peace! I've always been with mine, stayed at home with them or fitted work around them, etc., but now they're getting older it's lovely when we're all together - but I also appreciate the time when they've all gone out or are busy with their own things!
Kim x

scrappymo! said...

The new builder has got a lot done already and soon will be finished up this building stage. You will feel so glad to get on to the next part, I am sure.

I think it is only normal to encourage them to play nicely in their rooms for periods of teaches them to be able to seperate from you, to amuze themselves and to focus on play for longer lengths of time.

I will keep fingers crossed that Mr Mojo returns soon.

I am holidaying in England for the month of August and we are in Filey West Yorkshire for about 10 days. Weather is lovely and we have been to the beach and the chalet every morning till lunchtime. What a wonderfully social way to live. DH's Mum is from here...infact he has had family in Filey for over 500 years.
It is going to be so hard to leave.

coops said...

wow its certainly getting there now sarah.looks like it will soon be all done on the outside.
My laddo loves spending time with me and his dad but he also likes to go to his room and have his own space too,he` getting older now so i`m not as `cool` as i used to

xx coops xx