Wednesday 23 July 2014

Not cards?

Good afternoon blogworld on this my last day of daytime freedom for six weeks!!

You think I've been a bad blogger recently - just you wait and see, I'm going to get even worse!

SWMbO breaks up for the school holidays today and so I won't have much time to myself at all now - she's already got visits with friends, days out, swimming, bowling, pizza and so on planned!  I've said it before and I'll no doubt say it again - she's got a busier social life than I do!

So this partly to say apologies in advance for what will be, I know, an almost total lack of blogging but also a sort of I'm proud of myself type post.

I'm sure I've said this before as well - I'm not a very outgoing sort of person.  People worry me!  But I've been incredibly brave and booked myself a stall to sell my cards at a local village fete - whether any cards sell remains to be seen.  But I've done it and now all I've got to do is actually get there!

I thought just cards on the stall would be a bit boring - so I'm branching out.  Waddaya think?

Small bookmark

Larger personalised bookmark (guess who this is for!)

Bagged for selling and showing how they look in a book

I've got 5 small wiggly ones and 5 large which are a combo of dolphins, mermaids and hearts/ flowers.

Hubby says about a fiver each - I'm not sure.

So if I don't come on in a panic before, think of me on the 16th August!  I will be panicking then!!!

Whatever you do over the summer - hope you have a nice time and see you in September.




Sarah said...

I am really pleased that you are taking the plunge and doing a real live event Sarah!! Your cards are lovely so there's no reason why they shouldn't sell and those bookmarks are wonderful!! Good Luck, I'll be thinking of you!! xx

Jane Savage said...

Oooh I want me one of those!! These are gorgeous, Sarah! I'd wish you luck with your stall but I don't think you'll need it! Have fun! xx

Kat W said...

These are really pretty and are sure to go like hot cakes! I love both designs and the mix of beads and charms is fab :-)

Hugs, Kat x said...

These are gorgeous Sarah good luck with your stall. Have a great weekend. Love Alison xx

Faye Wynn-Jones said...

So far, so good? Sweet cheeks is loving being completely free range. Anyway, I like these a lot! X

Janice said...

Fantastic bookmarks - so love these & can imagine they'd be very popular. Hope the sale goes well & you have a super summer holiday, Jx

scrappymo! said...

They look great!

Jo said...

These are fab Sarah & for me a lot less stressful to make than cards lol! Bet they'll be sold out in no time!
hugs Jo x