Monday 8 September 2014

Covers going on

Hi blogworld

Nope not fallen off the face of the Earth - but am having a break from crafting and blogging.

Not in the mood for either, partly I'm sure to trying to craft in chaos (still no craft room), partly going to concentrate on trying to get the house renovations finished.  So that I may feel more like crafting.

So shall we say see you here in 10 years???

Thanks to all the lovely people who've left comments and who have followed me - it'll be a while before you see me again.

Not to worry though I'll be dead busy!



Tracy said...

Hiya hun, I hope all the renovations go smoothly and you are back to crafting soon.
Take care :) xxx

susiestacey said...

Hope to see you back soon - refreshed and rareing to go and crafting in your new craft room. Take care x Susan x

Jane Savage said...

Hope you're back really soon, Sarah! Good luck with the reno and take care! xx

Sarah said...

You crack on girl and get back soonest!! xx

Ella's Design said...

Hey, Sarah! Hope the renovations go well and that you eventually get your beautiful craft room before you decide to take up another hobby!?! Look forward to seeing you whenever you return! Wishing you and yours all the very best! Hugs, Lisa x

Christine L said...

We'll miss you... but know you'll be back!! Crafting is like that.... you can't get away from it!! Happy house renovating hon!

Christine x

coops said...

i hope all the renovations go smoothly sarah and that you get your craft room and mojo soon :D

xx coops xx

An Occasional Genius said...

Good luck with the renovations Sarah, finally got round to dropping by! Hope you manage to stay sane-ish! Look forward to seeing you back x