Monday 27 June 2011

Birthday bash

Hello blogland

Well the birthday bash is over for another year - wonder what we will do to top it next year!

I think we must be the luckiest people in the world, after worrying for the last week or so that it was going to carry on raining for Emily's birthday party, we woke to brilliant sunshine which only got brillianter!  Maybe it got a leeetl hot at the peak of the afternoon, but we really couldn't complain it was a smashing day.  I hope our quota of rain was used the year she was born, if you don't remember June 2007 was the beginning of the heavy rain that which then lead to floods in parts of Hull and Louth.

After a lot of hard work behind the scenes from hubby this was the garden bit of our land at 11am:

View from one end of drive:

View from one of the bedroom windows:

We had our full number of party goers by 12.30 and then they partied hard until 4pm - when they all went home very tired but very happy by all reports.

I promised picture of cake and here we go:

Sorry about all the mess in the background, it was a very quick pic in my kitchen before it was taken out to be demolished.  You can see where we had a dry run with the candles!  I also made loads of fairy cakes, but didn't get a proper pic of those.

Here is the party girl with her cakes:

No party dresses for us - I managed to get her to wear a pretty dress for all of 5 mins, then she stripped!  I finally got her into her swim stuff and she wouldn't come out of it!

Here she is with her best friend (I'm sure forever - they are inseparable!):

We have a lovely picture of all the children lined up on the walk-way to her tower, but I'm not sure of the etiquette of putting up pictures of children when I haven't asked their parents if it's OK, so that's one for the family album. 

Hopefully normal card making will resume this week - we only opened the last of the presents this evening and put Grandad onto the train back to Essex this afternoon.

Next big event on the horizon is my birthday at the end of July (not that keen on telling you how old I am, but they do say that life begins then - I'm not so sure!).

I just can't get over how much my life has changed since having Emily, 8 years ago we were going to Drs as things weren't working then there was 3 years of treatment - which culminated in two goes at IVF and then Emily. 

Blooming hard work (sometimes), blooming rewarding (most of the time) and complete life change (always).


Emily, if you ever read your mummys' boring blog - 
Happy Birthday sweetheart - hope you had a lovely birthday/holiday and party - I'll always be thankful for you and love you to pieces, Mummy.


Wendy said...

Hi Sarah,so pleased your party went well,and it was lovely and sunny for you.I bet Emily and friends had a fab time.Know what you mean about a complete life change,we had a 7 year wait of tests and treatment till we had Ben nearly 9 years ago,and then we were blessed again when Katie came along 14 months later (our 2 precious little miracles).
Wendy xx

Berry said...

What a fab party the weather looked amazing and your cake looked so yummy! Glad all had a great time! Hugs Rebekah xx

coops said...

wow you sure gave emily a birthday party to remember looks fantastic and fun and yummy cake :D

xx coops xx