Thursday 21 July 2011


Me again,

I thought I'd do this post separate to the card making ones as it's not about card making, well not really!

I said in the last post that all the cards I'd made recently were thank you ones - three of them being for the nursery teachers.  I also thought that as Em has been at nursery for two years I should get them a thank you present.  I don't actually remember me (or my mum) doing anything like this from when I was at school, but I understand it's the thing to do now.

So, me being arty / crafty, I thought rather than getting them chocs, smellies, flowers, etc I'd try and be a bit creative.  After googling (ahh, what did we do before google, eh!) I found that a lot of people had brought ceramic pens and then decorated some item of crockery.

So I duly ordered pens and mugs and got Emily sat down last weekend to draw on them.  She thoroughly enjoyed it - I slightly freaked as I was sure she was going to break one, but we got through it!

Here is the end result:

The pictures Emily drew and I don't know if you can make out that she wrote her name as well and I wrote the blurb.  Stick 'em in the oven for 90mins and hey presto - decorated mugs!

I hope the nursery teachers like them!  There was another one in the pack but the handle broke in the post - Grandad's getting that one!

Last day at nursery for her tomorrow, when we will hand over the cards and mugs, then the summer hols and my baby isn't my baby anymore - she's my big gown up girl heading off to school.

I am getting used to the idea, and will stop being a moany minney and instead celebrate that I have a beautiful, cheerful, intelligent daughter and trust that she really enjoys 'big school'!

Cheerio for now, maybe back tomorrow - maybe next week.

Have a good weekend all,



Wendy said...

These are fabulous Sarah,such a great idea,the nursery teachers will love them,well done Emily.
Wendy xx

nessy said...

oh what an amazing idea ~just perfect!!sure there will be a few tears on receiving these mugs!!
vanessa xx

Wishcraft said...

So cute, what a great idea :o) Lisa x

coops said...

aw these are fantastic sarah.a really special gift ;D

xx coops xx

Berry said...

Such a fab idea Sarah love them bet the teachers will too! I had to get 8 presents! Yes 8 Caleb has 4 teachers in nursery, Hiolette has one teacher who is leaving to have a baby so got 2 pressies one for leaving and one for the baby, Amelia has 2 teachers and although one is just for one day she is the deputy head and is leaving altogether so we got 8 in all, cost me a fortune! hugs rebekah xx

Sarah-Jane said...

What a super idea, much better than all the chocolate my daughters teacher got. Poor woman was drowning in the stuff! xx

Juls said...

these are fab!! Hugs Juls