Friday 2 September 2011

'S' day is here!

Hi blogland

So sorry I've been missing nearly the whole of last week!  Been a last minute rush in the build up to 'big school'.  I don't know if other schools do this, but Reception class went in on their own today for a few hours before starting school proper next week.

So I spent the last week getting a few last minute things together before 'S' day - do you know how much school shoes cost?!  I decided to get good quality shoes for Emily and ended up spending £30 on them.

I have made cards - 3 of 'em - but I'm hanging on before posting them.  So instead here are a couple of pictures of my big girl.

The sensible picture:

More typical of my Emily:

Of course I have loads more pictures of her, but they have some of her friends in and I don't feel right posting them here.

Luckily after saying for most of the summer holidays that she doesn't want to go to big school, she went without a peep today!  She was really quite tired when we collected her, so what she will be like on Monday for a full day is anyone's guess!

Sorry for no cards today, there will be next time I post and once the first week has gone I will be back into my little routines and posts and cards will appear on a more regular basis.

On the whole today has been much less painful than I ever thought and no tears from either of us!  I had those on our last swimming session yesterday.  Isn't it odd the driving to the pool listening to a child's CD and realising that this was my last daytime swimming session with her would set me crying, but it did!

Right then, enough waffle from me and I promise that my posts will not be so 'mumsy' now I am getting used to the idea that my baby is now my big girl!

So thanks for listening to me and promise cards on next post.



Laney said...

Oh Sarah , great photos she looks very smart and grown up, and no tears!!it doesnt matter how old she is she will always be your baby!!

Wendy said...

Gorgeous photo's Sarah,she looks so sweet and very smart.So pleased it went well for you both and no tears,well done you.Both my two went in for a few hours before the rest of the school started back too.Hope her first full day monday,goes well too.
Wendy xx

coops said...

aw gorgeous pics sarah.emily looks so sweet in her uniform.when my little man started school it was 2 weeks before he was going all day as they gradually increase the time from half a day to a full day.
he goes back in to year 3 on tuesday, its gone so quick :D

xx coops xx

Pink Dandelion said...

You be as mumsy as you like and if you feel like a cry, have one. She looks so grown up in her uniform. Good luck to you both on Monday. My Emily is going to Uni in 2 weeks and I know I'll be a wreck. We are taking some of her things to her flat in Lincoln tomorrow and she is staying with 2 of her friends until Tuesday just to get a feel for the city. Hugs Debs xx

Berry said...

Aww so cute Sarah! No we don't do that here, my girls go back on Tues but Caleb doesn't start his first day in reception until weds, gives the bigger kids a day to settle in before the newbies! Will have to post some photos later! Hugs Rebekah xx

Anita said...

Oh Sarah, she's a doll! I'm so glad she liked big school and I hope you are surviving her being gone lol!

Sarah-Jane said...

Emily looks very smart in her uniform, I love the shoes. xx

Julie C. said...

WOW! Off to big school now huh?! Emily is so cute in her uniform. I am sure she will enjoy school.

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