Tuesday 7 February 2012

February UiU progress report

Hello blogworld

No cards this time, just a Use It Up progress report.

So what are we now 7th February 2012, and so far this year I have spent the grand total of just over £12 on craft things.  Those 'things' being Saturated Canary digis - I knew if I didn't get some sort of treat over the next few months I wouldn't be able to keep going, so digis are my treat.  I set myself a limit of £10 and overspent by £2 - I'm not beating myself up over that as I would have probably added  another 0 on that total most months last year.  I'm particularly pleased that I'm avoiding magazines - normally I say no more and then go buy another one!  Not one mag this year - yay me!!

I know there are little 100% UiU badges out there but - as I aim to make pretty much everything out of my current stuff - I'm more likely to put a new product warning on a post!!

Now only March, April and most of May to go before I treat myself.  Then when I do treat myself it will be with a list of things that I've run out of - not just randomly buying things because they are 'pretty'.

My biggest temptation has been seeing a couple of stamp companies that I normally buy from having sales - have had to turn away very quickly from that!

Hope everyone else is on track,

See you next month,


Karen P said...

Hi Sarah, thank you for following me and for coming over to see me. There is some gorgeous new stamps out there on special offer but I'm sitting on my hands! The fact that our car broke down and needs major repairs also helps lol :-( Sounds like you are doing well. £12 on digis is good! Like you I'm keeping away from the mags! hugs Karen x

Felicia said...

Congrats on your UIU success so far!! Its sure been a lot of fun. Good luck with your goals! You can do it! Look forward to what you create next! *huggles* =0)

Wendy Fraser said...

You're doing well! I'm trying to use up some stash too and cut down on spending with mixed success! xx

catherine said...

Well you did good just to overspend by that much - could have been a lot worse. I dare'nt tell you how much I have spent this year - mainly spellbinders.
Tommorrows another day!!
x catherine

Pink Dandelion said...

Congratulations Sarah. I don't think I have spent anything yet this year, apart from using my Hobbycraft vouchers. Keep up the good work. Did you get the freebie digi from Mo Manning. Debs xx

Flowergirl said...

Well done, your doing great. Wish I was that good, I'm trying!
Wendy x

Anonymous said...

Well done Sarah!
Helen x

Christine L said...

Well done YOU! I really am trying to follow your lead, cutting my spending right down... but it's just so damn easy when you're sitting at the computer to 'click and have'! I try now to just add whatever I think i MUST HAVE to my favs bar, then look in a week and see if I STILL must have! Most of the time, the answer is no...
Keep it up hon!
Christine x

coops said...

sarah you are doing so well to resist temptation.i would of given in by now.
regarding the little pearl drops around my image on last nights card.i put a blob of the viva pearl on an acrylic block and then i dipped the end of my pokey tool in it and applied it around the image in dots.i hope this helps hun.
for a free magazine fix, click on the link at the top of my blog (designed to colour) :D

xx coops xx