Saturday 1 June 2013

A post a day in June

Hello blogworld,

I was just having a few minutes checking my Dashboard before switching off and saw that Jo was joining in with this little project:

Craft Blog Everyday in June

Well I popped across (I think you're all aware of how nosey I am by now!) to see what it was all about.  What got my attention was the phrase - 'Do you need a kick to get you blogging again'.  Ummmm, yes??!!

So within 5 seconds I'd decided to join in - lets see if I can keep up!  It's either a word or craft prompt.  Now I think it's unlikely I'll be able to keep up with the craft prompt everyday (do you know how long it takes me to make a card?!) but I can talk, oh yes I can talk.  So I think I will probably being doing the words, but you never know.  

Day 1: How did you get into crafting / Craft something that it pink.

Well it's unlikely I'll make something at 10.25pm - so instead how did I get into crafting.  My first proper craft project was many moons ago - a tiny little cross-stitch kit from a magazine.  I was 19 - newly moved out of home and newly married and bored on the train journey home.  Plus a friend of my then hubby's (yes he is now the ex!) was expecting a baby and the little project was a picture of a duck.  That then slightly escalated to many years (15 in fact) worth of cross-stitch projects - many of which adorn the walls at home.

The complete end of cross-stitch was when I was in hospital having my daughter  (nearly 6 years ago) - I'd taken in an Aida fabric blanket and was stitching a Winnie the Pooh design for her, realised quite a way into that I'd counted wrongly and was stitching across two threads instead of four, got very p'd off and threw it in the back of the cupboard.

I'd dabbled in cards, from around 9 / 10 years ago, a very bad day at work one day had prompted me to get a card making mag and make the little project on the front, but it had been a side hobby to the cross-stitch.  So there I was, 6 years ago, at home with a baby, annoyed with cross-stitch and found QVC and Creat and Craft - well, as they say, that is history.  Now I nearly have a craft room to accommodate the paper craft and am on the point of selling my cross-stitch kits on ebay!

Looking forward to tomorrow now - maybe I'll try and keep the posts shorter though.  Gawd don't I waffle!!!!

Night all.



Jo said...

So glad you're joining in reading your waffle lol! Funny how so many of us paper crafters started off cross stitching...which reminds me, do you have a native American type cross stitch kit you might be selling??
Hugs Jo x

Kairen said...

Lovely to red your joining in. I have learnt I can now type the word challenge about 5 different ways before I get the right spelling so if nothing else this challenge has taught me to spell the word challenge. lol said...

Well done to you hope you manage to blog everyday. I promised I would make 1 Christmas card a week and have fell by the wayside think everybody else is on week 23 me I am on week 12 lol Love Alison xx

catherine said...

Great to read about your crafting journey Sarah. I think most of us started with cross stitch - I however still do a lot of it and maybe should show some on my blog!!!Maybe one day you will go back to the blanket!!
x catherine

MagsB said...

Oh yes, I've had your 'blanket experience' - and it is more than frustrating! Paper and card are much more forgiving!

How I agree with you about the 'bug!

love Mags B x