Sunday 2 June 2013

June - Day 2

Day 2: Tell us all about your favourite craft gadget and why it’s just the bees knees OR Craft something that has a summer theme

Hello blogworld,

Oh dear I'm suffering today - full of cold, again!  I'm really looking forward to when summer finally, properly starts and I am not getting colds every two weeks!

Right, I thought I'd do this one earlier in the day as my weekends hardly ever go to plan and I find I run out of time all the time!!!

So, as I joined this late, no craft from me - but I can tell you what is my favourite craft gadget.  It is my Cuttlebug!!!

Oh my how did I ever get along before it??  I have to admit to getting one fairly late on in my card-making career - only about 4ish years ago, before that I stamped and cut those images out into squares (mostly) or I stamped on any old scrap of shaped card I could find.  I used stickers a lot and pre-cut shapes and heat embossed if I needed embossing.

Then the world of the 'bug opened up and I was in heaven!!!!  I have to admit here the only reason I picked the 'bug over the Big Shot was the style of the 'bug - I thought it looked nicer than the Big Shot.

I emboss with it, I increased my die collection astronomically and I use it to help make almost every single card I make.  OK I might not use it every time, but if I don't use it, it's only because I'm using a shape I've already pre-cut.  I almost had a fit when I broke my C-plate recently - hubby was going food shopping past a local craft shop and I made him go in and get me a new plate same day!

So there we go - my favourite craft gadget.

See you tomorrow.



Jacki Daniels said...

Great stories Sarah looks like a few of us have taken up the challenge lol

Sue said...

Hi Sarah
I hope you feel better soon.
I only got my Bigshot just over a year ago, I could never manage without it now!
Sue xx

Kairen said...

And theres me thinking you could only emboss with the bug. I'm so wrong said...

Sarah sorry to hear you have a cold and I agree the cuttlebug was the best craft gadget I ever bought too. Love Alison xx

Hannah said...

Hope you feel better soon! I have no 'gadgets' I'm starting out and pretty much just make basic cards and recycle things from shops etc but i'm learning lots!x

Jo said...

Great post Sarah, I have the Big Shot but quite fancy one of them that take them huge that the Cuttlebug? Think I might have to get a letter in to Santa real early! Hope you feel better soon!
Hugs Jo x

Mel @ Melusberry HQ said...

Love my Big Shot! Crafting wouldn't be the same with it! Great post! Look forward to tomorrow's post!

Mel xx

catherine said...

I agree with you Sarah that the cuttlebug is a great item to have. I used mine constantly but then invested in the Calibur only to give me a bigger size range. However the cuttlebug still sits on my table and used just as much
x catherine