Wednesday 25 September 2013

Not cards, but help please?

Hi Blogworld,

I wonder if I might be able to ask a favour?  At Chez Sarah we've got to the point of having to think about lighting in the new bedroom.

Hubby swears he asked me and I said it would be alright to put a couple of wall lights in (one at each end of the room).  I've no recollection of OK'ing this and, to be honest, don't think it will be enough light.  But what to have instead?  We've agreed ordinary pendants won't work - due to the sloping ceiling - but I've no interior design skills at all and no idea!!

I'm sure one, or more, of you lovely bloggy people have wonderful interior design skills - what would you suggest??

Here are a couple of pictures of where it's at right now:

Looking into the room:

Looking out of the room:

SHMbO wants three lights along the ceiling - one to light the library area (near the door), one for the play area (in the middle) and one for her bed (near the end wall) - hmmmm that's easy then!!




Janette said...

Hi Sarah, I went for the small ceiling lights, you know the ones that are scattered and fitted in the ceiling....don't know why I can't think of what they are called....good luck, I'm sure whatever you chose will look good.x

Ella's Design said...

Hi, Sarah! Nice to see the new bedroom taking shape! As for lighting, you could go for fitted spots in the ceiling, or maybe a bar with 3 or 4 spots on following the line of the roof down the centre, this way, light can be directed to wherever you need it? I suppose it depends what kind of look you're going for as spot lights can look quite modern?! Don't know if this will be of any help to you, but good luck! Hugs, Lisa x
PS Loved your SOG card, clever way of putting focus on the image with the cut out circle...might be casing this idea! X

Hazel (Didos) said...

Oh Im hopeless but do agree that its better with more than just the 2 on the wall.Hope all works out for you xx Love Hxx

Unknown said...

Hi Sarah, I am hopeless too, but definitely more than 2.Have you tried googling lighting solutions or put a question in about your lighting dilemma? Take care.

Claire said...

Hi Sarah, I love this sort of thing - I would go for spots in the ceiling, a subtle row and spaced well on both sides - you could have them on a dimmer switch so you can adjust the light. I also think a two wall lights on the end wall would look fab - something modern - but this depends on what the room is being used for. alternatively you could go for some freestanding lamps - again depends on the use of the room. Hope this helps. Hugs, Claire x

Patty Sue 2 said...

We have pot lights or canned lights and they are wonderful they give off a great light and you can angle them or just have them lighting straight down. You can also put them on a dimmer switch so you can adjust the light level!

Christine L said...

Sorry, I'm not much help either... but sounds like SWMbO has got a good idea!

Christine x