Wednesday 25 December 2013

It's Christmas!!

Good morning blogland

I'm probably currently buried under a pile of wrapping paper, but I did want to wish everyone in blogland a very Merry Christmas!!! So this is a scheduled post (it's currently Christmas eve and I've been banished to the bedroom while 'im indoors and SWMbO are wrapping pressies for someone - of course, his were wrapped two weeks ago, and he thinks I'm not organised!!!).

Thanks for sticking by me even tho I've been such a bad blogger this year - I'm hoping to be better next year (hmmm do I recall saying something similar last year???).

Anyway, here's a festive picture for you and see in a few days.

Ooh she does like striking a pose does SWMbO!

Hope everyone is having a lovely day - and if anyone is alone this Christmas, I'm sending special wishes your way.



Lisa xx said...

hope you've all had a smashing day....had a lovely day, slobbing about now in my new jimjams and have cracked open the twiglets and archers!!!

Mrs A. said...

Happy Crafty New Year to you. Hugs Mrs A.

Wishcraft said...

Lol, fab pic of Emily! Hope you've had a lovely Christmas hun :o) Hugs, Lisa x said...

Beautiful Photo Sarah, hope Santa brought you everything you wished for. Love Alison xx