Tuesday 31 December 2013


Hello blogworld

Well here I am, slightly inebriated (I'm on my second glass of Lambrini! - oooh do I know how to rock or what!!), slightly stuffed (a home-made pizza - and I make huuuuge pizzas) with a helping of Vienetta (other ice-cream products are available) wondering what the hell happened to 2013.

Is it a symptom of getting older or is it just me wot is wondering where the years are going?? Hmmm, is it now? Seems to me once upon a time a year lasted a year, now I could swear it was only 6 months ago that I was staring down the nose of 2013.

Anyways, I know I've scheduled a post for tomorrow, as I don't think I'll actually get on the computer then but I do want to join in with Debby's Favourite Five of 2013 so here I am.  The title still makes me think of the Famous Five - loved those books!

So after much deliberation, cogitation and plain thinking about it - here's me five (oops no 7!):

Ha now either I'm completely sozzled or I can't find this one on the blog! (So I'll add an extra card!)

And finally:

Hmmm, seems to have been a much less embellished year this year - doesn't it.  Apart from the last one of course.

So I'm away to bed now, a'cause I'm slightly tingly of the toes and fingers and don't want to type anymore.

Hope everyone has a happy, safe New Year and I'll see you on the other side.

But before I go - thanks for all the wonderful comments you leave - they are soooo appreciated.

Happy New Year



Karen P said...

Beautiful picks Sarah. Wishing you and yours a Happy New Year, yep it did go fast, reckon it's got something to do with us getting older lol! x

Lisa xx said...

super selection of cards there Sarah, I remember a couple of them! happy new year to yourself and your lovely family too xx

Sarah said...

Lovely selection Sarah. xx said...

Wonderful selection of cards Sarah. Happy New Year to you and the family. Love Alison xx

Wendy said...

Gorgeous selection Sarah, love them all!
Wendy xx

coops said...

all so stunning sarah.gorgeous designs and images :D

xx coops xx

debby4000 said...

Oh what wonderful selection of cards and look forward to 2014 creations.
I remember the Famous Five, also Secret Seven, those were the days.
Thank you for joining in with My Favourite Five of 2013