Tuesday 4 February 2014


Hi blogworld

This is just a quick question - my SWMbO's best (boy!)friend went into hospital today to have an op on his hand.

I've searched and searched for a boy 'get well soon' image - and come up with zilch!!  You'd think with the zillions of rubber and digi stamps I've got I'd have one image that I could use for a 7 yr old boy as a get well card - nope!

I'm obviously a terrible Googler as I can't find anything on the net either.  I don't want something too cutesy / beary / silly - he is a boy after all!  But, nope, not. a. thing.

Does anyone have any suggestions as to where to look???

Many thanks



Sarah said...

What about Sassy Cheryl Sarah, they may not be Get well per se, but worth a look!! xx

Sarah said...

Just thought of another
Dis digistamps!! Have fun, back to work for me :0(

Claire said...

Hugs, Claire x

An Occasional Genius said...

Try here:

You'll have to go through a few pages but there could well be something. Good luck hon.

Replying is on my to do list lol! x

Jo said...

how about this one over at Nutcrafters

Sarah-Jane said...

What about Mo Manning? Her images are all fab and she does have some get well images.
Sarah-Jane xx

mixamatoasties said...