Tuesday 4 February 2014

Thank you!

Hi everyone,

I will thank everyone personally for all the suggestions - I will get round but you all know how bad I am at doing that quickly!  So I'm saying now - thank you all very much.  You are all soo much better than me at finding images - I've spent all morning on the 'puter and gave up in disgust!!!

Oh and just in case anyone is interested.  I've had regular updates from my friend about her son (SWMbO best (boy)friend).

They spent all day in the Hospital, (with no food for him!) and went in Theatre around 3/30pm. He is now out of Theatre and awake - has had wire put in his hand which needs to come out in 3 weeks time, so goes back for another op then.  He will be in a plaster for 6 weeks (no swimming, no PE) and is currently refusing meds, food and drink so they are keeping him in tonight.  Hoping to be home tomorrow.

All this from twisting his finger backwards at a party at a soft play area!!! I ask ya - who invented those places!!!  And why do kids love 'em so much!!!!

Thanks again,

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Judith said...

just doing catch up here (as is the story of my life!!) - I blame the parents for these things - they had the kids in the first place - theres a great image over at the paper shelter- here's the link

hugs Judith x