Friday 11 April 2014

Things they are a changing

Well, tho, really, that should 'garages they are a changing'

Good evening blogworld,

And haven't I been little miss naughty this week - completely abandoning you!  It's mostly because SWMbO is off school and we have grandad visiting so we've been out and about a lot.  However fear not next week is busy and you will see me so much you'll all start moaning and groaning about how much I'm posting!

But what I wanted to show you, before I head up the apples and pears is what's been happening at our house the last few weeks.  Hubby is getting his playroom!  He's going to have a room to play trains in and then my house will emptied of all the railway related stuff.  Yay!  It's very nearly done and I thought I'd share a pic or two.

This is the only pic I could find of what our garages used to look like - I'm sure I've got more, but they are not on this comp.

Then this is the outside today:

Don't know if you can make it out, but we had two buildings with a small gap inbetween - well they've now been joined together and the gap is the entrance to the back building and the new room.

This was inside upstairs a few weeks ago:

 This is today:
Plastered ready for painting, and fitting out.

This is downstairs - I did try taking a picture of the other direction but his 'man cave' just didn't want to have it's photo taken!  The camera wouldn't focus.

I will take more pictures as and when it's fitted out - but all this means that we are closer to getting the new bathroom and kitchen and therefore my new craft room!!

Right off I trot to bed.

Have a good weekend everyone and see you next week.



scrappymo! said...

Looks great. It must be so exciting! You will be glad to have your new craft room, I am sure!!!

Ella's Design said...

My hubby would be green with envy if he saw this! Our garage is an old 1950s concrete slab built thing which if you park the car in means that you have to climb out of the sunroof! And having an upstairs too?! On the plus side, as you say, it means that you're another step closer to your craft room - always look at the end goal?! ;)
Hugs, Lisa x

Unknown said...

OK, I can honestly say...I'M DEAD JEALOUS!!! Can't wait to see the end result so I can turn an even darker shade of green! LOL xxx

susiestacey said...

Oh Sarah my husband would be over the moon and would be envisaging a layout going all the way around instead all his stuff is in various boxes - this would be his dream heaven x Susan x said...

Sarah wonderful room I can just envision all my crafty bits up there but would need a lift as I can't do stairs any more. I bet you will be glad when everything is finished and you can get back to normal whatever that is for a crafter.

Love Alison xx