Friday 3 February 2012

Warts and all!

Hi all

What lovely people you are my bloggyfriends!!!

I just wanted to say thank you for all the kind comments you've been leaving on my last post - I wasn't blogging this time last year so you didn't get your annual dose of Sarah Winter Blues and this will be the last time you see it as well!

Unfortunately I do get a bit down during the winter, I'm naturally a glass half-empty sort of person and the long dark evenings get to me.  Always been easy to start crying and feeling a little sorry for myself.

I won't go into my life history - you would be truly bored! - but I've had a few setbacks in life (particularly an abusive marriage - not this one I hasten to add!!  my previous hubby!) which have affected my confidence and I am still a very shy, unsure sort of person and that does fight it's way to the top when I'm feeling particularly fed up!  And especially when I start comparing myself to other people;  whether it's cards - looks - lifestyle, I'm sure you know what I mean.

I did set out thinking that this blog wouldn't be just about cards - it's a sort of online diary.  I'd been looking at people's blogs long before I did my own and always found the ones that shared a bit of themselves much more interesting than just - here is my card and this is how I made it.  I'd decided that if I did my own blog (and for a long time I wasn't going to!) that it would be warts and all - so yesterday you had the warts!  Later normal service will be resumed, I promise.

Well done if you got to the end of this saga and thank you for listening.



Fiona said...

awe Sarah....poor you. You should think positive, and not worry about what other people think. You have your wonderful hubby and your beautiful daughter there beside you and I am sure they are right behind you.


Berry said...

I'm glad you share a little bit of you with us! We have surprisingly similar lives and personalities. I'm so much more confident on my blog than in real life and have massive insecurities and self doubt so we can boost each other up when needed! Hugs R xx

Kathleen said...

I am glad you are feeling a bit better, it can be a very depressing time of year and I totally understand you have 'blue' days, we are all allowed to have them, believe me I have many. I am a very shy person in real life and will avoid many situation if I possibly can, I know I come across very differently on my blog. I think our blogs are good for us and help bring out a more confident side sometimes. As Rebekah said I think we can all boost each others confidence.
Lots of love and hugs
Kat xxx

Lisa Cornwall said...

Sarah, it's nice to share your good and bad bits, hey I wish I had your confidence and then perhaps I would put a bit more on my blog!!!! I made a card for my brother in law this week and this is what the front said

Yesterday is the past
Tomorrow is the future
Today is the present,
That's why it's a gift.

I am trying to remember that each day is a gift and that I should always try to do my best each day. And hey if I don't get it right today, by tomorrow it will be the past and I can have another go.


Lisa xx

Unknown said...

Glad to hear you're feeling a bit more positive today. You'd be surprised how many people feel down from time to time. Get the old stash out and have a play! Maddy x

coops said...

so pleased you are feeling better today hun.i think some people think i am confident when they read my blog but i am not at all.i am very shy and don`t like to put myself forward for anything.i normally use humour to hide my shyness.thanks goodness i don` t have to speak on my blog or i`d be off.

xx coops xx

Wishcraft said...

Another shy one here too, and I can get a bit low especially this time of year when it seems to be the anniversaries of all the worst things that have happened. Hope you're feeling a bit happier today hun xx Lisa x

Tracey T said...

Actually I think it takes some guts to open up to people on your blog and I'm really proud of you, Teamie! I've found that it doesn't matter that most of us have never met each other, we're still friends in the true sense of the word. And as real friends do, we don't mind about the "warts" because that's what makes you a normal person. We care about Sarah; if you're feeling pants, just post to let us know and we'll be leaving happy/funny/mad/positive comments before you know it! Hugs, Tracey xx

An Occasional Genius said...

Ooh I like hearing the warts, makes you more real!! Your life history doesn't sound in the least boring although compared to what you went through I bet you wish it had been....It's a really awful thing to have to go through but let me tell you it takes one heck of a strong person to come through that situation & be as lovely as you are. I have tremendous admiration & respect for you hon. We all get down, & we all bounce back, sometimes all you need is to put it out there & know that someone is thinking about you or feeling the same. You keep sharing & we'll keep supporting. Never forget that beautiful little girl you've got, make the most of her being little, before you know it she'll be off on murky weekends with her BF & a collection of things you don't want your Mum to find lol!!!

Big hugs xxx

Christine L said...

Hi Hon.... so glad you are feeling a bit better, I recognise the feelings you describe, and yes, during the winter they do surface more easily!
Sooooo big hugs for you..... there are daffs trying to grow and crocuses out, so it must be nearly spring!
Christine x

Anonymous said...

I am often described as "a glass half empty kind of girl too", I think we all have our insecurities deep down but it is how we overcome them that counts and you should be proud of how you have moved on and not compare yourself with others as none of us our perfect!
Helen x

Julie C. said...

Glad you are feeling better. Keep positive mind! Julie x