Monday 10 June 2013

June - Day 10 - Want a rant, you got it!

Before I start - if you're looking for my Cutie Pies DT card it's in the post below - please avert your eyes and head on down to that post if you don't want to know anything about what is making me fed-up

Now that disclaimer is out of the way - Hello blogworld

Well it's day 10 and the prompt is:

Day 10: Have a rant; go on get it off your chest OR Craft something that has the colour purple in it

And I think we all know what I'm going to rant about - guess what's happened with the builder - oh yes there isn't a builder!!

Well the chap who was supposed to be brought over yesterday and introduced and then start work today - he's not coming.  Hubby spoke to our regular builder today, was sorting out things he had to order, and was given the bad news.

So we are builder-less again.  We've done our bit - the single story is cleared - the electrics have been found - the builder let us down - again.

I must admit I'm more disappointed than angry this time - it's just slightly beginning to feel like a bit of a joke or something you see off one of those dreadful daytime rubbish builder programmes.

I don't think I'm ever going to get my kitchen and the house is now a complete mess with all the stuff we've had to move out of the office and other rooms.  Cupboards are crammed, the conservatory looks like a shed, hubby's in here with me and still nothing is happening.

We are now taking recommendations for builders.

Bloody cr@p that's what it is.  Cr@p.

I'm off now to re-adjust my mindset and take some stress out on the hoovering.

I will be back tomorrow,



Janice said...

Not good! Jx

Sue said...

Oh no Sarah - how annoying!
Take card
hugs Sue xx

Lisa xx said...

Oh're not having much luck, you poor soul!

Winnie said...

Oh, hope you get sorted soon. X

Kairen said...

My ex-husband is a builder. 14 years ago we bought a house together to do up. Then we divorced and he carried on in the house. He moved a few weeks ago and its only because he rent the house out in a few weeks that the he finally finished the house . 14 years later

Jo said...

Aww, Sarah, you must be so fed up.

Pink Dandelion said...

I'm not surprised you're fed up. I'd be livid. Hope it gets sorted soon. xx

DesignerDiva said...

OMG Sarah you deserve a rant Mrs. That's not even funny now have you been given an excuse? No wonder this bloody country is in a mess no one wants to work!!
Love your card below by the way
Chin up
Hugs Laurie xx

Christine L said...

Well if you do find a good builder ever... Will you please pass his name on to me? We've been let down by three or four now... We get the visit... Get the quote... Tell them to go ahead..AND they are never seen again! I'm beginning to get a complex.... Lol!

Christine x

Wishcraft said...

Oh no Sarah, you must be SO fed up! Hope you can get another builder soon hun. Hugs, Lisa x

catherine said...

Oh sarah my heart did sink for you when reading this. I hope you can find someone reliable soon. I'm sure it will all work out very soon for you and the plans go ahead. Chin up!
x catherine

Kim said...

....and breathe....! Hope you feel a bit better now you've had a rant! lol!
Kim x

Tammy said...

Oh Sarah, I am so sorry you are dealing with this, I hope you get a new builder soon!
Hugs, Tammy

coops said...

oh sarah I do hope you manage to find a builder soon.i can`t understand why they would be turning work down.

xx coops xx said...

Sarah you would think in this economic climate these builders would be falling over themselves for the work what is the matter with these people. Hope you get something sorted soon. Love Alison xx