Wednesday 12 June 2013

June - Day 12

Hello blogworld

Funny how it goes isn't it - you think you've got everything sorted and then life goes and trips you up again.

I think my regular waffle followers will remember the the trouble we had getting SWMbO to school a few months ago, the trouble ended up being that a boy in her class was picking on her - thought we'd got it all fixed and back to our happy SWMbO.  Not, unfortunately.  Yesterday said boy decided, after a group of them were playing a game, to get a thorn and scratch her leg and ankle.  One minor step forward is that after this happened she went and told a teacher on duty in the playground.

Not happy are we - spoke very briefly to head this morning, now waiting to see what the school does this time.  I'm on the point of changing school, hubby wants to ring the Local Education Authority.

On the builder front - we've decided to go back to the bloke who was originally supposed to come out this week but couldn't as it was too short notice.  Hopefully work will start in a couple of weeks when he's free again.  We'll see.

Hey ho, onto brighter things:

Today's prompt:

Day 12: What’s your favourite medium to work with OR Craft something with a sporty theme

Favourite medium to work with -  ummm, well stamps, Promarkers and paper!

I love stamping, either 'proper' (as in rubber) or digi - I'm happy with either.

Then colour in with Promarkers (tho sometimes I use my Prisma pencils).

The play with paper.

This all equals one happy Sarah - well apart from when it doesn't go right, but that's another story!!

See you tomorrow,



Christine L said...

Well I love whatever craft item/medium I happen to be playing with at the time!

Sorry to hear that there are school probs again... My youngest girl went through that at secondary school... not nice at all!! But your daughter did the right thing - telling a teacher!

Christine x

Kairen said...

I love paper too, there is something special in the feel as you run your hand over the paper isnt there

catherine said...

I'm sure everything will work out fairly soon for you Sarah. Hope everything is settling for Emily at school!
I can imagine your pens being your fave as you colour so beautifully. You know my distress inks will never be far away from my table!!!
x catherine said...

Sarah hope things settle at school. Hope your building project gets off the ground soon. Love Alison xx