Friday 14 June 2013

June - Day 14

Hi blogworld

Bit of a tired Sarah today - we took SHMbO to an after school birthday party.  She's flaked out in bed and hubby & me are flaked in front of the telly.  Not the most successful party ever - she cried, I cried and hubby descended into saying that he doesn't understand women!

Anyway we'll gloss over the whole episode and move onto today's prompt.

Day 14: Name your favourite smell, taste, view, sound and texture OR Craft something that has a music theme

So no time to craft, here's my favourite:

Now that's got to be new print, you know the smell you get when you open up a new magazine, catalogue or book.  It's an odd choice I know, but then so am I - and odd choice I mean!

hmmm now I suppose it's going to be a proper full fat Coke.  It's not something I allow myself to have very often - leaves a horrible coating over my teeth.  But I do like it!

Oooh I love either a good sunset or a twinkly night sky.

That's got to be my daughter's throaty giggle.  She has a normal laugh, but when something really tickles her she gives off the most adorable throaty giggle - it's so infectious and cheeky!

Oh goodness me, a texture?  That one's had me stumped for ages, I suppose I'm going to say sand between my toes.  I do like sitting on the beach and digging me toes in!

Can't believe we're nearly half way through already - looking forward to seeing you all tomorrow.



Kairen said...

I confess I am a book sniffer so know what you mean by new print said...

I too love the smell of a new book, and sand between the toes. Loving reading your blog Sarah. Love Alison xx