Saturday 15 June 2013

June - Day 15

Hello blogworld,

Cor, half-way through June and half-way through a blog a day already - gorn fast ain't!

It's also nearly SHMbO's birthday (this time next week) so I doubt you'll see any cards from me for the next week, as we get ready for the social event of the year - The Party in The Garden!!!

If I get time I will make a card, but I don't know if I will or not - so you may end up just with waffle for awhile.  Apologies in advance.

And here we go today - waffle only, no card!

Our prompt:

Day 15: A day in your crafting life. Can be just words, words and pictures or just pictures OR Craft something that celebrates love

Hmmmm, now I very rarely craft all day.  If SHMbO is at school, I've also got housework / shopping / swimming, etc.  If she's at home, well there's no chance to actually craft for any length of time - I'm lucky if I get an hour before she interrupts in some-way or another. So lets just say my crafting day is about 3 hrs at a go, max.

I'm afraid no pictures - so just words.

So once, I've got back from dropping SHMbO off at school and had a chat with 'im indoors it's generally about 10ish and I'll settle down for a bit of surfing, this normally takes around an hour!!  Then I'll remember what I was actually meaning to do!

Then I'll stamp, or print, my image, start to colour it in - by that point it'll be lunch time and I'll take an hours break.

We go back to the craft room (and a bit more surfing!) to my part coloured image, I'll then finish colouring it in.  Once that's done I'll cut it out (die-cut or hand cut) then I'll move onto picking papers.  By this point an hour or so has gone and I'm wondering where the hell the day's gone to!

If I'm lucky I'll get round to putting together the card.  What's more like is that I've now run out of time and have to go get SHMbO and that's the end of my crafting day.

I think that just goes to show how much time I waste surfing!!!

Back tomorrow.



mixamatoasties said...

Oops. Falling behind in my commenting again! I am loving reading your June diary!

Susan x

Lisa xx said...

Hi Sarah, I am enjoying these daily postings! I think your average craft day pretty much sums up most of us, for me its a case of cut the school run (now my little 'uns are big enough to get themselves to school) and paste in the inconvenience of having to trot off to work for five hrs a day, but apart from that im with you!!!! Have a lovely weekend xx

Jo said...

Yep, it's a rare thing, that crafty day although it's easier now my lot are older and Miss Rebecca likes to craft too so any weekend not taken up with rugby there's usually craft time
xx said...

Mmmm I know just what you mean when you start crafting the time just goes. Good luck with the party in the Garden glad those days are way behind me. Love Alison xxx