Tuesday 18 June 2013

June - Day 18

Hello blogworld

So we've been off to school, again, and it would appear that our view of bullying doesn't tally with their view.

Still we've been re-assured that they can cope with this child in her class, so we start the 3 month merry-go-round again.  Hopefully there will be no more problems before the summer holidays and then get a new start in September.

On to more cheerful things - crafting blunders!!

Day 18: Crafting muck ups, tell us how you got round them OR Craft something that dots

Crafting muck ups?   Hmm well I don't sell cards very often, so if I do muck up it doesn't really matter that much as I just ditch it and start over.

But I've had my fair share of putting the papers and image on the back of the card blank, of marking an image after I've carefully coloured it for hours, of ripping my last piece of matching patterned paper / cardstock.

And I'm a terror for matting and layering wonkily (is that a word?) - stick the image / papers down then happily slice around it and find that I've sliced at an angle and I end up with wonky matting.

I don't generally get round them, I either just start again or see if I can hide the mistake!  Or I'm dreadfully honest and point out the mistake before anyone else does!!!

No card from me today - hopefully will get time soon.



catherine said...

Hope everything will get sorted at school for Emily and the teachers keep on top of things!
x catherine

Anonymous said...

Hope you get the bullying issue sorted Sarah and as for mistakes I think all crafters make their fair share and I am the same as you...if I am not 100% happy it goes in the bin!
Helen x