Wednesday 19 June 2013

June - Day 19

Evening blogworld

Much later than I planned to be!  Another mum at SHMbO's school with a daughter in the same class is also having problems with another boy in the same class - so have been on the phone for ages comparing notes!

So prompt for today:

Day 19: A snap shot of your day. Can be words, words and picture or just a picture OR Craft something that has a lacy theme

Oooh busy day today!

06:20 start and about to go to bed now (10:06).

Up wash dress & same for SHMbO

Did school run which included looong gossip with my two friends about how the appt went with the head of SHMbO's school, back home to find hubby has broke the mower.

Party in the Garden cancelled due to weather and malfunctioning mower - phone local soft play centre and panic book party there (where SHMbO wanted to go in the first place).

Sit and read for a bit - deal with post (more pressies for SHMbO!), have lunch.

Go to dentist - got to go back next Monday and then 2 weeks after that - arrrggghhh!!!  I hate dentists.

Go sit at beach for a bit while we wait for bus to drop SHMbO.

Tell SHMbO about change of venue for party.  Text 8 other mums to tell them about change of venue - deal with replies from said mums.

Open parcel with new baking tins - very exciting!!

Cook dinner, eat dinner.

Get SHMbO into bath and bed.

Do dishes, surf.  Talk on phone for 1hr 19mins.  Do blog post.

Go to bed.

My day!




Kairen said...

just checking but surf is as in interent surf, not a quick nip to the beach to surf the waves? lol kidding Im sure its internet surfing ( I think)

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you have had a busy day, hope you get some rest before tomorrow, lol!
Helen x