Thursday 20 June 2013

June - Day 20

Hello blogworld,

Another busy day and no cards made - this time it's been confirming arrangements for The Big Birthday Bash, making up party bags (when did those make an appearance then? I don't remember them from my childhood, not that I went to any parties anyway!!!).

Next the dreaded housework!  Then off to school for a family craft session to make rockets and spaceships to go on the stalls at the school fayre.  Back to home to make dinner for us and Granddad.  Yes Granddad is in the building!! He was picked up from Skeg this afternoon, is staying for the birthday and will go home next week.

So waffle out of way - today's prompt:

Day 20: If you had to be a colour what colour would you be and why OR Craft something in monochrome

Ummm, never thought about!  Would it be cheating to ask if I could be a rainbow?  Sometimes, I'm a bright cheerful mood (colour as it were) and other days it's more dark and miserable in my head.  But I've always like that thought that you need the rain to get the rainbow.

See you tomorrow.



Kairen said...

know what you mean on the party bags. I went to very few parties when I was small but never saw not one party bag. Filled me with horror when I had my daughter and they were the done thing.

Mrs A. said...

Been around for quite a while now but certainly the only thing we got at parties (if we were lucky enough to be 1. invited 2. allowed to go)was a piece of the birthday cake to take home!!!
How times change.
Hugs Mrs A.