Saturday 8 June 2013

June - Day 8: My mess!

Hello blogworld,

Still here, still doing a post a day, still waffling - hope everyone else is well also?

So let's get down to business - the prompt for today is:

Day 8: Take a picture of or describe your craft space OR Craft something that has a Christmas theme

And here you go - this is where I craft. Firstly my side of the room:

Now where hubby has moved his office in (you can just see the back of SHMbO on her 'own' computer - my old PC now that I use the lappy):

And, for my long term suffers of my waffle - this is the current state of what used to be the office.  All that's left to clear now are the signs off the ceiling and the junk on the floor.

Ooooh and the builder is coming over tomorrow (Sunday no less!!!) to introduce us to the chap whose going to be here day-to-day - from Monday!!!  Whey-hey, excited or what!

Am off now to do my second favourite thing - baking.  Cake pops today, you never know if they go well, I might even show pictures.

See you tomorrow,


mixamatoasties said...

Oooh this is exciting :) Loving your June posts.

Susan x

Sue said...

So pleased that you building work is finally going ahead. I hope it all goes to plan!
Enjoy the rest of your weekend
hugs Sue xx

Karen P said...

Waiting for my delivery of cake pops - end of the week do you? Have a fab weekend and I really hope your builder et al get their skates on and so an awesome job! Yours is a lot more tidy than mine Karen x

Kairen said...

Ohhh you will have to take lots of photos as the building work progresses

Mel @ Melusberry HQ said...

Love the storage you have Sarah! Wish I had more storage in my room! Great space!

Mel xx

MagsB said...

I hope the building work goes swimmingly! I'm dead impressed by your craft space, it's so tidy! Mine is in a permanent state of chaos....

love Mags B x

Christine L said...

Gonna be fab Sarah... x

catherine said...

Hope everything goes to plan Sarah with the renovations next week and certainly looks like you have been invaded in your space but everyone happy doing their thing. Hope you had a good weekend
x catherine

Anonymous said...

Hi Sarah, sorry it's been a while! So pleased to hear exciting things are happening for you, good luck and can't wait to see it all finished!
Helen x said...

Can't wait to start seeing the pictures of the work in progress. Love Alison xx