Friday 8 November 2013

From this to that (part 2)

Hello blogworld,

I know, I know, been very quiet around here again! It's been a busy week for me, just not on cardmaking front.  That will be next week.

What I have been busy on is painting!!  Have a look see:

From this:

To that:

That part 2 - with a small sneaky of what's yet to come:

Oh and this as well!  This is the start of the transformation of the garages.  From garage and workshop - separate; to garage, workshop and hobby room - together!  Basically there is another floor going on top of these buildings - hence the roof starting to come off one.  The other to follow - once the builder turns up again.  Oh yes, it's the return of the magical disappearing builder!!!

There hope that explains the long absence, but I will be back with cards next week.  And an update the following week probably!!

Hope y'all have a good weekend,


13 comments: said...

Its coming along Sarah starting to take shape now hope the builder comes back soon. Ours has disappeared until Monday hopefully although we can't get to the loo at the moment as the first stage of the new floor has gone down and not allowed on it until dry oh dear a bucket. Love Alison xx

Janice said...

Ooh I think you might be happy! Brilliant work - a lot of it mind, and plenty still to come, but looking really good! Jx

Kim said...

all taking shape Sarah! hope it all goes smoothly
Kim x

Sue said...

It's starting to look good Sarah. No wonder you have little time for blogging at the moment.
Thanks for popping by my blog and for your lovely comment.
I hope you have a good weekend
Sue xx

Jenny said...

Oh! you lucky thing Sarah. Can't wait to see more photos. x

Lisa xx said...

Ooooh its definitely coming together isn't it...feel a bit guilty now, as we had a plasterer in on Monday to repair and re-plaster my son's bedroom walls, and I had the cheek to moan about one day of chaos....there is something very satisfying about checking the progress of drying plaster and seeing the colour change from the brown to dusky pink, don't you think!!

have a lovely weekend xx

scrappymo! said...

It is coming along so nicely now.
I remember how hectic it was when we bought this house and remodeled it. We moved everything into the garage and only set up the master bedroom and master bathroom. Everything else was gutted and we lived here while we completed it.
I have fond memories of washing the dishes outside at the patio table!

Don't worry about getting round to visit...everyone knows you are busy with the house...when you do drop by, it will make it special!

Unknown said...

Hi Sarah, how exciting, things are certainly moving along. We will look forward to hearing from you as and when you can! Take care.

catherine said...

Well the room looks to be coming along well with the painting Sarah. I'm sure the rest of your plans will fall into place as well!
x catherine

Ella's Design said...

Hi, Sarah! Looks like the hard work is starting to pay off! It's so much nicer when you can start to see progress and bring things in - lovin' the look of Part 2! I've spent the last week trying to get the boys' bedrooms finished decorated and am going to see about carpets tomorrow! I just wish it was all finished now, though there's still quite a bit of work to do! My issue is disappearing plumbers, must be something with tradesmen! Enjoy the rest of the weekend! Lisa x

Wishcraft said...

It's looking good Sarah, bet you can't wait to have it all done! Hope you're having a lovely weekend :o) Hugs, Lisa x

coops said...

its certainly coming along well now sarah.i bet you can`t wait until its all done.i hope you builder reappears soon :D

xx coops xx

Christine L said...

Coming along well there Sarah!

Christine x