Thursday 22 March 2012


Hello everyone

Well it's been a bit quiet on the old card making front at the mo hasn't it!  You could put that down to having had a busy week this week and then starting to feel a bit yuk today (it would appear that I'm getting another cold!) or that I've been busy collating what could be my next 'thing'!

But before I show you  that, would you like to see a special card and flowers that I got?  Nope, well hard luck you ain't got a choice!  Well, unless you would like to wander away right now that is!!

So lookey at these:

This is the card Emily made me for Mother's Day

The flowers she made and ones that hubby and Emily went and got for me:
Vase 1:

Vases 2 & 3:  (Peter used to own a shop next to a florist and picked up some flower arranging tips so he never leaves them in the bouquet that they come in from the florists.  Personally I'm the put some water in and stand back type!)

My new collections!  A Mother's Day present

And my first attempts at beaded hat / stick / corsage pins:  Whaddya think?

So I have been busy just not really making cards as such - more sorting out beads and playing around making hat pins.  Oh and taking apart old jewellery to get to the beads on them.

And, after all my angst, I had a lovely Mother's Day, was woken at 6.10am by having chocolate stuffed in my hand!  Emily was awake and desperate for me to open my presents and so the chocolates were the first things I woke to and was told I had to try one right now.  Not the first time I've had chocs for breakfast, but probably the first time said breakfast was at 6.10am!!!

Some wonderful presents, a mooch around the charity shops for beads and a lot of time spent with Emily! Who could ask for anything more.

Back soon with a card - now if only I could make one that looks like it could take a pin, hmmm.  Off for another mooch with paper, ink, stamps and now beads!!!



Janette said...

Hi Sarah, wow what a lucky mum you are, so much stuff and all gorgeous, the pins you made are really stunning....
Your daughter must share your creative talent, such a fab card and flowers....well done.xx

Berry said...

Lucky you Sarah this looks like a fab array of goodies the pins look great! Hugs Rebekah xx

Vicky said...

Oooh Sarah what a lovely lot of goodies hun...and the hat pins look so pretty..

big hugs Vicky xx

Christine L said...

Fabbie card from your little one hon, and those flowers are gorgeous! Also love your hat pins...
Christine x

coops said...

aw beautiful gifts from emily hun.i don`t think you can beat your kids handmade gifts and your pins are stunning , really gorgeous :D

xx coops xx

nessy said...

oh sarah i just love visiting your blog ~always something exciting to see ~amazing photos and love those new beads.....enjoy creating!!
vanessa xx
ps hope you are feeling ok!!

Katya said...

Hi Sarah,

Happy belated Mother's Day!

Beautiful and yummy presents! Really nice pins for first timer. Hope you're having fun.


Wendy said...

Awww Emily's card is just gorgeous and beautiful flowers and fabulous new goodies too, LOVE your hat pins,they are absolutely gorgeous Sarah.
Thanks for taking the time to help me out tonight, such a relief people are seeing (I still see .com,very strange)
Wendy xx

Wishcraft said...

Aww you got some lovely gifts Sarah, love Emily's card too :o) Your pins look fabulous! Hope you feel better soon hun xx Lisa x

PS. I wasn't worried at all going into today's app't with Dex - he eats loads now compared to how he was, and I really thought he was putting on weight. Strange that he's not. I can't help being irritated though, that when I was actually worried at the last few appointments, I felt a bit brushed off and was told not to worry... now that I'm not worried they're suddenly referring him for tests! Can't win lol!

Lindsay Craftymonster81 said...

Such a lovely card and gorgeous flowers, I bet you were pleased, your stick pins look fantastic. Did you enjoy making them? I find it so relaxing and then at the end you have a fab new embellishment for your cards (I am stick pin crazy at the moment lol)
Lindsay xx

Anita said...

Oh gorgeous flowers, card and I love your pins. Sounds like you had a wonderful Mother's Day! said...

What a lovely day you must have had such a pretty card and flowers and presents too. Love the pins. Alison xxx

Arabella said...

Sounds like a really lovely day Sarah! Lucky you! Lovely flowers and your hat pins are gorgeous!


Lily Anuska said...

Sarah this pins are really wonderful.I see you got a pretty good supply of beads. Indeed, it is pleasure in the old jewelry, because you can do really unique things.Enjoy the creation. Have a nice day. Lily Anuska

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you had a fab ( if not early) day Sarah, your hat pins look fabulous!
Helen x

xxxtglxxx said...

Ooooh, this looks a wonderful collection of beads! :)

I make my own jewellery from time to time (when I need it) and this looks a super collection! ;)

I have also tried making my own hat pins, and have quite a lot of headpins but how do you get the beads to stick at the top? what glue do you use? :)