Sunday 4 March 2012

Using it Up report

Hello there blogworld

Firstly I seem to have got myself in a muddle over which month I'm looking at for these reports.

Note to self - this is posted in March but applies to Feb.  Do I ever wonder if I'm in need of one of those brain training games - yes frequently!  I mean, do you know anyone else who would drive 30 mins to go swimming, park up outside the pool and realise that they have left their bag at home?  So no purse = no money = no swimming and an hours round trip wasted!!!

Here we are again, another month gone of 2012 (isn't it just flying by?) and another monthly Using it Up report.

Not quite as good progress made this last month, two naughties to report.

Naughty one - I brought the new limited edition spring colours Promarker set!  I hmm'd and ah'd over it for ages, then caved!  I know it's only a marketing ploy and asked myself what happens when those colours run out - but I'm a sucker for Promarkers and I cave I did.  I did get them from Joanna Sheen at, I think, the best price I could though - does that make it better?

Naughty two - had to go into Louth yesterday to collect the un-sold clothes from the NCT sale and had a very quick wander around town before I went to collect.  I ended up spending £8.13 on some lace and ribbons.  Worse thing was got home and discovered that one of the fancy ribbons I'd brought I could get for half the price in some on-line shops!  Who said buying local was a good idea?

So in total I spent £18.12 - nearly double my £10 a month budget I've allowed and not a digi in site!  So no digi's for me this month - pah!!!

I'm also, after having trawled the 'net, severely tempted by lace that I've seen on e-bay.  I'm trying to leave it, but I'm struggling!

One good point is - still no mags!!!  That's more than made up for the money I spent this month.

UiU report over - now onto my normal meanderings.

What would you do?  Whilst in Louth yesterday, I got Emily's feet measured - she's gone up a shoe size (measured in Clarks) do I buy another pair of expensive Clarks shoes - which cost £30 but have lasted her since Sept (and still have wear in them, but now are too small) or do I go for cheapy shoes that might not last?

Answers on a postcard please!

Pelting it down here, hubby and daughter due back any minute from a walk on the beach - should be getting the washing in the machine ready for school tomorrow, will really have to tear myself away from computer and go do it.

Hope you are all having a good weekend - see ya's soon.



Pauline said...

If you are looking for reasonably priced ribbons and stuff, I can whole heartedly recommend The Ribbon Reel website. I have had a look around blogland and this is the most reasonably priced ribbon shop in the UK, (as far as I can see), and the service is top notch! And I'm not just saying that because I'm on the design team!

Kim said...

Oh Sarah, your post is so comical. Sounds to me like you are still doing a fairly good job not spending too much on new stuff. At least you have made yourself aware of your purchases and think about them before you actually make them.
I myself did not take the UIU challenge. Although I probably spend a little too much on stuff, I am still using most of it so I don't feel too bad!

Lindsay Craftymonster81 said...

Hiya hun, thanks for your comment on my blog the other day, sorry to hear that you were feeling low too, I hope your little bits of naughtiness have cheered you up a little (I was a lot naughty yesterday and bought loads of gorgeous papers lol)Hope you are feeling a bit better now and have had a good weekend
Lindsay xx

DesignerDiva said... first. I'm afraid I'd go for the Clarks when it comes to my kids shoes but I have to ask....has Emily complained they are too small? I don't remember ever having to buy more than one pair of school shoes each child each year, they kind of stretch with them a bit. You might get away with it.
Naughty 1....Promarkers are ESSENTIALS! you need them to colour in all the images you already have so they don't count!
that means naughty 2 is ok because you stayed within budget!
you gotta love my reasoning!
Hugs Laurie xx

scrappymo! said...

Well, they seem like fairly small naughties to me!
I would go for the Clarks. I think you are more susceptible to foot problems with cheap shoes.

Karen Petitt said...

Hi Sarah, I'm with Laurie - the Pro Markers had to be purchased as they are essential when making cards for the design teams you are on. Also you have to keep up to date with current trends when doing DT cards - so they really are a necessity!
Therefore no problem as you stayed within budget! I regularly go out and realise I've left stuff at home and it's too late to go back for it! As for your little one I can't help much as we don't have munchkins! But my mum used to always buy me Clarks shoes when I was a kid - two pairs a year most of the time as I would grow out of them in 6 months. Apart from suffering with RA in my feet I've been told my feet are in fab condition and it was prob the shoes that has kept them problem free. Hope this helps you hun Karen x

An Occasional Genius said...

First things first - Shoes for Emily.....Definitely Clarks. I'm also with the Designer Diva up there, has Emily complained they're too small? If she hasn't I'd go with them until she does. The local shoe shop I go to is amazing, been going there for oooh nearly 18years lol!! If I take DQ2 in they will tell me if she can get away with her current shoes, therefore I have no worries they are just trying to make sales. But that said now she's old enough to communicate I don't take her unless she complains! I think with cheap shoes you are setting them up for more potential problems so if you can I'd always say proper fitted good quality shoes.

As for the stash buying....Not sure on the Promarker's being essentials lol!!! At least you got them best price unlike the lace hee hee!! Why not spend the budget on lace next month so you have some & then you won't be craving it & make unscheduled purchases?

Anyway the important thing is to focus on the overall are doing fabulously with UIU & it was only a small blip, don't lose sight of the big picture.

Now that must have been an extremely big postcard for all my waffle!! Hugs xx

Christine L said...

HI Sarah....

Well I think you're doing well!! (in comparison to me who is also supposed to be cutting down!)

Love your newsy post.... always makes me smile!

Christine x
PS I laughed out loud at the handbag/swimming story!

Sarah-Jane said...

My daughters shoes never last long. Doesn't matter if they are cheap or expensive. She always breaks the buckles or gets a hole in the sole, I have no idea how she does it!
I bought some pretty ribbons and lace from a market stall a couple of weeks ago. I got about 5 meters altogether, I spent less than £3.

Sarah-Jane xx

Unknown said...

Hey Sarah!
I so love your ramblings!! I very rarely buy Clarks shoes for Keiran as they are so expensive! I only ever get them in the sales! I find Next shoes VERY good quality, and at least half the price too! Maybe have a look there? And I agree, if Emily isn't complaining, don't rush out buying! After all, you wouldn't wear shoes that hurt...certainly not without complaining!

Ok now down to you 'naughties'...hmm...I think mine were 10 times worse! I shan't fill your comments with my shame...I'll let you read about it on my blog!
Oh and I had to have the Promarkers too...they are indeed essential! ;)
Lizy x

Berry said...

I think you are doing much better than me on your spend diet! I have to say I'm not too much of a sucker for mags but for goodies I am lol! I used to buy the kiddies clarks but rarely do now, they wreck everything but Caleb prob grows the fastest right now! Hugs rebekah xx