Tuesday 8 May 2012

Brave or foolish?

Hello blogworld

So how are we all then?  You may have noticed the world according to Sarah has been quiet for a few days - don't have much time to blog when Emily is off from school, don't even really have time to craft!  Apart from when she helps, and what is produced then isn't generally for the blog.  This time, though the crafting has had a purpose as we have been busy making invites for her birthday party.

We are inviting 20 or so 4/5 yr olds to the house at the end of June (weekend after her birthday) and Emily has been helping me and making executive decisions on colours and placement on the invitations!   I'm beginning to wonder if I've done the right thing and maybe hiring a hall somewhere would be better!  We do have an entertainer coming so a lot of the stress is taken out, but if it rains - where will they go!!!

Anyhow, this isn't the reason for the post.  I was browsing and saw a very interesting post on Coops blog linking to Sandra's blog - and being extremely nosey it's just the sort of post I like!

Sandra is asking you to share some of the earliest cards you made and then some of your more recent ones.  Ooooh, I do like to share - anyone noticed that!!  So here we go:

Edited to add - this new blogger is a pain, ain't it!  The pictures all look very neat and in rows on preview, hit publish and they are squew-wiffy!!  I don't know, blogger, eh!!

I used stickers a lot way back when, wasn't very keen on my colouring!  Then one of my early attempts with Promarkers:

 Back to stickers and my first attempts at stamping!

Back to stickers and colouring!

And now a couple of more recent cards:

I must admit I don't know if this has done me any good or not!  I can plainly see how much I've improved with the colouring, but has my basic card style changed??  Hmmm, I'm not sure.  I do dabble with flowers, flourishes and frilly things as you can see but I tend to go right back to square, paper, ribbon and image pretty quickly!!

I beginning to think that I should be a bit more adventurous every so often.  Anyway, I'm not stressing over it, I suppose that after nearly 10 years of making cards I would have my own 'style', wouldn't I. But I will make a note to self - try something new every now and again!!!

Hope everyone else had a good Bank Holiday and I'll be trying to catch up on my commenting this evening - after I've waded my way through the pile of ironing!!!

See's ya



Berry said...

I need to do this! I think you are very brave having that many kiddies to your house I know I wouldn't lol! I pray you do not have rain!
Your card making has def improved, wonder if mine has?! I know my colouring is better now, hugs Rebekah xx

Christine L said...

Hi Sarah...

Brave you.... I'd wouldn't like to show some of my earlier stick and glue attempts! LOL!

But your recent ones are fab.... your colouring is gorgeous!

Christine x

sandra's crafty corner said...

hi hun
many thanks for joining in on my before and after challenge, your befores are pretty good as they are lol much better than mine where, but your afters are stunning,
hugs sandra xxx

Joey said...

Hiya Sarah, your style has improved so much and you have a lot more detail now, funny how most of us started off with peel offs and stickers. Joey x

Sheena said...

You have improved so much since those first cards - I think it's because we have so many embellies to choose from! Well done for being brave! Sheena xx

Julie C. said...

Hi Sarah,
You are brave for inviting so many small kids to your house and you are brave at sharing your cards from earlier years! I will have to say your style and colouring certainly improved. The details in your recent cards are just amazing! Hope your invitations all go well, you should show a couple of examples sometime. ^_^ Take care!

Karen Petitt said...

Hi Sarah, not sure which is the braver act from you. Showing cards you first used to make or inviting 40 young ones to your home? I couldn't cope with that many little one's I have to admit!

Not sure if I have photo's of the cards I used to make which were stickers and die cuts but I'll have a hunt to see! If I find anything I'll post later on this week! Your cards now are more beautifully coloured and there is nothing wrong with having your own style! hugs Karen x

scrappymo! said...

Have fun at the party! Your daughter must be so excited!

It was fun to watch your style and talent emerge...I love that shake a husband has 2 golf buddies who always ask me to make them a card like that! I have never tried but now I see that one, I might give it a go!

Unknown said...

Sarah you were always a fabulous crafter , your style has just changed since then and you are now a super fabulous crafter ! , That last card proves how fabulous you are its stunning ,well done for being so brave Hugs Elaine

Catherine said...

Gorgeous set of cards.....

catherine said...

I remember the days of the birthday parties!! Not anymore though!
Your cards are always stunning and it brought back some memories of my earlier ones looking at yours. Peel offs(lol) but that was really all there was available.
x catherine

coops said...

one word, ABSOLUTELY YES!!!! your style has improved so much, not the same style at all.i really love your before pics, i used to use peeloffs loads but luckily had no pics left of those ones, hehe :D

xx coops xx

melsanford said...

What a fab post! Love it :-) Thank you for sharing! Love 'n' hugs, Mel xx

Liz McGuire, said...

A huge improvement, your new cards are gorgeous. have you seen mine?

liz x

Wendy Fraser said...

Good luck with all those children! Rather you than me, lol! Such an interesting post, it's amazing to see how card styles have changed over the years xx

Anonymous said...

A definite improvement Sarah, though your earlier cards are better than mine were!
Helen x

Inkypinkydelights said...

Lovely cards Sarah! Iparticularly like the bottom one, love that shape! Judy x

Arabella said...

This is very cool Sarah! I love how much your style has changed! You might still be using flourishes and flowers and frilly things, but the placement of them is so much more eye catching now!

You are very brave having so many kidlets over for a birthday party! I'll be crossing my fingers for sunny weather for you!


Aunty Sue said...

oh you are brave but can see how stunning your creations are and fingers crossed the sun shines for the party that really helps. Brings back my son's parties lucky for me at 29 he doesnt have them now.

Sue B said...

I was looking back at some of my first cards and I was amazed how my styles and colouring have changed!! hopefully for the better !!! LOL
I love all your cards here - they are all fab! I can see how your colouring has improved. Your embellishments are so stunning now too!!
I had a party for about 20 children when my daughter was about seven - we hired a church hall. One of the mother's offered to stay and help and I'm so glad she did. There were three of us trying to keep track of them LOL - and they all kept wanting to go to the loo !!! I was shattered by the end of the day! :-)
Hope you have a great weekend
Big Hugs Sue xx

xxxtglxxx said...

Wow, what a difference! You can definately say your style has developed and obviously such a lot more confident too.

Fab collection!

I used to feel a card was nekkid without my trusty Peel Offs!... now I turn my nose up at them unless they are white! lol :)