Saturday 12 May 2012

Well it's been a week

Hello blogworld,

since 'the' haircut and I'm sort of getting used to it.  The worse part is I've got a picture of it in my head where it really suits me and then I catch sight of myself in the mirror and think 'arrrgh where did that podgy, getting wrinkly face come from!"

I don't think I'm ever going to like being 40 (or 40+ as it will be from July) or getting a bit fat in the face (ahm not only the face!), but I suppose I'll get used to it.  I'm taking preventative measures to stop any more wrinkles - loads of 40/+ skincare products.  I'm also hoping that that only thing I inherit from my mother is her good skin!  People never believed that she was whatever age it was at the time - they always put her a good 10 years younger.

Anyhows, here we go, just what you really needed to see a picture of me!  It was taken by the youngest person in the house - I still can't get a reasonable self-portrait - so you'll have to excuse the slightly dodgy focus.  And the fact that she was below eye level - it's something to do with her height, I believe ;-)

Hope everyone is having a good weekend oh and joining in with this weeks Sweet Stampin challenge, it's a a good 'un - 'Flower Power' and there are some great prizes on offer.

See ya soon,


22 comments: said...

Sarah the haircut suits you and I would not put you in the 40 year bracket. I am 55 and noticed that I am now starting to look my age. have a lovely weekend. Alison xxx

DesignerDiva said...

I love the haircut Sarah, I really need one but waiting to lose some fat from my face first! Lol
Is it me or are your kitchen units a bit high??
Big Hugs Laurie xx

Aunty Sue said...

Oh Sarah I am loving the haircut and it suits you. As for age well you are looking pretty fine for 40 think mum handed the gene down so no worries there. Have a great weekend from 1 old and slightly wrinkled oh nearly 54 year old. Dont do pictures anymore and try to hide mirrors

Kim said...

Sarah you are so funny! The haircut is gorgeous and you look like a baby, no worries there! I am turning 50 next month (yuck) but hey I am happy to say my wrinkles come from laughing, smiling and loving life! Don't worry about things you cannot control ( aging) just enjoy the ride!

xxxtglxxx said...

I think its a smashing haircut Sarah! :) Now did the littlest one make you kneel down for this? :D lol.



Unknown said...

How fabulous Sarah , I love your hairstyle its nice and choppy and so youthful, it suits you so much .
I am thinking of getting mine cut, I am going on 60 ,it was waist length last year then this Feb I cut it short hence the photo of me on the blog but its getting below shoulder now and I am starting to look like mutton dressed as lamb, should I shouldnt I , we will see.
Have a good weekend Sarah Hugs Elaine

Debbie (Little Gingham Bear) said...

love the haircut - I don't recognise me in the mirror either :c)

Did they cut you off at the knees when you had your hair cut too? LOL x

scrappymo! said...

I love the new do...You did inherit your Mom's youthful looks!

Brenda Brown said...

Suits you Sarah and little un took a mean photo, even if she was so low.
Hope your weekend is good.
hugs {brenda} xox

Vicky said...

Your hair looks fabulous Sarah...I had 8" cut of last week...and it's pretty similar to yours now..and I know what you mean about the podgy face..I have put a tad of weight on recently..and yep I'm I'm on a wee diet!

have a great weekend..and your skin looks gorgeous too..:o)

big hugs Vicky xx

Tracey T said...

I love your haircut, Sarah. Wish I could get my hair cut like I used to when I lived in London. It's much cheaper here, tho'!! Have a lovely weekend. Hugs, Tracey xx

An Occasional Genius said...

Ooh Sarah, I love the haircut, it really suits you (trust me, I'm a professional!) & unless you got some super duper magic airbrushing going on here I'd say your skin looks fabulous!! Hugs xx

catherine said...

Glad we get to see the new haircut and wow it's great. Nobody likes looking at themselves and always finds faults but you have nothing to worry about. I'm fed up of trying to beat the grey and tell the kids it's the new fashion!!
x catherine

Hazel said...

Hi Sarah

Love the hair cut and I for one think it looks good.

Thanks for popping by to see me.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

Toodley Pip

Hazel xx

coops said...

well i think your new haircut loks fabulous.i love how layered it is and how it frames your face :D

xx coops xx

Anne-Marie said...

Have to agree with all the other comments, really suits you! Try havin' red hair and freckles, and seeing your Mum in the mirror....haaaa!
I'm turning 61 next month and have given up with the expensive ant-wrinkle creams....I'm slavering on the axle grease now!!!

Wendy said...

Hi Sarah, love your new haircut, it looks fabulous and really suits you..hope you are all having a lovely weekend.
Wendy xx

Berry said...

Well I think the hair is fabulous and Emily's photo skills are stunning! Hugs rebekah xx

Laura Bradley said...

Well I really like it Sarah .. it looks fab! Laura x

Arabella said...

Nice haircut Sarah! I love your argyle vest!


Wendy Fraser said...

Great pic, your hair looks gorgeous xx

mixamatoasties said...

Gorgeous! You look lovely.