Wednesday 19 September 2012

Want a good tip for a harmonious house?

Never, ever, ever let a husband offer to buy and fit you a new tap for the kitchen sink.

It won't fit, will take him all day to find out it doesn't fit, will cause chaos and then he'll have to put it all back how it was - whilst getting angrier, angrier and angrier!!

Oh and it will involve a trip to a local DIY store to get a part that he now needs as he chopped off a bit of a pipe earlier to make said new tap fit - which it didn't!!!

Roll on bed-time!!

Any other tips???


Jo said...

Oh Sarah, you tell such a good story! Love visiting your blog......always puts a smile on my face!
hugs Jo x

Kim said...

my husband + DIY = bad mood!
He's always so calm & mild mannered, until he starts doing DIY so I usually try to steer him clear! sigh.
have fun!
Kim x

Lisa xx said...


Sarah, I work in a diy store and you wouldnt believe the barnies that i've heard "perfectly happy looking when they first walked into the shop" couples having!!

Doreen said...

Great !!!! this is

Karen Petitt said...

Make him pay by cooking the dinner or getting a take away as a start! hehehe, poor you, thanks for the giggle Karen x

scrappymo! said...

teehee He sounds like my husband...

Mine is not handy at all and when we were younger, money dictated that we do our own DIY projects. Oh, I had to grit my teeth...
Luckily now, my SIL is self employed in the trades and almost all his friends are in various trades.
We qualify for the friends and family rate! more DIY for us.
We now have home phone numbers for a plumber, a finishing carpenter, a kitchen fitter, a cabinet builder, an electrician, a carpet layer and a tiler!
Ahhhh, life is good!

coops said...

oh dear sarah.i do hope you have a tap by tip for next time is to dissapear out for a few hours and leave your hubby to :D

xx coops xx

Lindsay Craftymonster81 said...

Oh no! That doesn't sound good, although the way you wrote the post really made me giggle, hope you have it all sorted out now
Lindsay xx

Anonymous said...

Helen x