Tuesday 18 September 2012

OK, so what do I do now?

Hello blogworld

There you go, I've finally joint the 21st century and got myself onto Facebook!

So what do I do now?

I'll warn you my account is a bit vague as I've got a bad feeling about privacy on Facebook - I know I waffle on and on on Blogger, but I think you need to actually know about my blog to find me - whereas on Facebook it's more open and accessible.  Now tell me I'm wrong!!

So anyone I really must follow?  I've already 'liked' SC, LoTV and aked to join SugarNellie - so now what??



catherine said...

Welcome to facebook!!. You could search for me and I'll be a friend. Try searching for some of your old school friends!
x catherine

Wendy Fraser said...

I joined a couple of weeks ago coz a DT I'm on uploads their DT cards to a Facebook group. I'm actually quite enjoying FB, it's great to catch up with family and friends who don't live close by. Search for Wendy Fraser Inverness and I'll be your friend! xx

catherine said...

Hi sarah search at the top for Catherine Zaccardelli Carter and there I am. I know it's a long name!!Let me know if your not finding it
x ctaherine

Vicky said...

Hi for Vixx Cards and I'm there :o)

Enjoy playing...big hugs Vicky xx

catherine said...

Ok try looking now on facebook I have sent you a friends request hoping it's the right person through the Sugar Nellie?
x catherine

Unknown said...

Welcome to facebook! You'll love it there!
Try adding a badge to your blog and then your crafty friends will be able to find you from here!
Security wise, I have categories that I add everyone to when I friend them and in my security settings I have it set that only the people I want to see things can see them - so I have a category for crafty friends, friends, neighbours and family and then when I post anything I can select which group can or can't see it. And I have my settings so that only people I have added as friends can see anything rather than the whole world! But it's best to check your security settings every so often anyway.
Search for Sheena Fitzpatrick from Northern Ireland if you want to add me!


Lindsay Craftymonster81 said...

Welcome to facebook hun, you are right to be cautious about your privacy on facebook but it can be good fun, I am on there as Lindsay Elise Jolly if you want to add me and just about every crafty brand you can think of that you like has a page on there, there are also some nice blog networking groups too, if you would like to be added to some just give me a shout
Lindsay xx