Thursday 6 September 2012

She Who Must be Obeyed...

Want to see a picture, or two?
This is the 'stop taking pictures now, Mummy' look!!!

This is the 'look I've found my friends' look!

So what did we think of our first day in Year 1?  Well she looked lost when we left her, she'd said to Daddy that the classroom doesn't look right or like her old classroom.  So I spent a bit of time slightly worried in-case she didn't settle.

Shouldn't have worried - SWMbO came home and promptly cried her eyes out that:

1. She didn't want to come home from school
2. She didn't want to change out of her uniform
3. She didn't want to ever leave Yr1

I replied:
In answer to points 1 - 3 in the appropriate sequence - 
can't stay there forever, you do have to sleep sometime, 
do it
why do you think it's called Year 1 - you get to stay there for a year!!!

Trotted off today no probs - bit shy at the beginning again, but I'm sure she will be bouncing when she comes home!!!

And I'm now thinking about getting off the computer and doing something!!!!!!!!!!



DesignerDiva said...

Your pictures are gorgeous Sarah and what a relief all was ok - you never stop worrying as a Mother!
Joel is 23 and has ventured into our family business but we have the winter off so today he starts his winter job - assistant swimming coach at Greshams School - I have butterflies for him!!
Enjoy the peace and quiet, it took me years to get used to it! lol
Laurie xx

Sharon said...

Gorgeous little girl you have there Sarah and so pleased she enjoyed her first day at school.
Hugs Sharon. x

Lucy said...

what adorable pictures,

Lucy x

mixamatoasties said...

That is not a happy face in the first photo! They are great though. Glad she enjoyed it :)

Sarah-Jane said...

Glad she enjoyed her first day in year one. Lovely pictures.

Despite the new teacher shouting at the kids on their first day back, Amelia-Grace said she enjoyed her first day back at school. They spent the day learning about lobsters! She also managed to rip the button off her shoe and loose her hat, hopefully she wont lose/damage any of her uniform today.
Sarah-Jane xx

Tanya said...

She is sooo cute! The little face of her! Adorable :) Glad she's enjoying her school days, my niece is the same haha, crying at the start of the summer holidays cos she's sad to be leaving her friends and teachers but being nervous at the start of the following year because it's all new!

Tags xx

Sue said...

Awww lovely photos Sarah, thanks for making me smile!!

hugs Sue

Lisa xx said...

Oh Sarah, how sweet does she look!!!!! glad the first day went wellxx

Wendy said...

Adorable photos Sarah.... so pleased Emily enjoyed her first day in year 1, a big step from rep class.
Wendy xx

Tracey T said...

I'm so pleased Emily had a good day. She could have come home and said that she was never going back - my friend had to carry her son into school kicking and screaming and then run like a woman possessed so that he couldn't chase after her! xx

Anne-Marie said...

My second daughter turned up on the back doorstep....she'd decided to leave at morning break! Good job we lived only 100 yards away from the school...heehee....she's now a teacher!

Kim said...

Oh Sarah she is so cute! What gorgeous hair color!
Glad she had a good day it makes it that much easier for you!

Kreativmonster said...

Hi Sarah, what a lovely little lady! You're really blessed.

You were wandering about the song, that inspired me for my card. It was just in the title of my post, so I did not mention it again "I'm a wanderer".
Big Hugs

Christine L said...

She's absolutely gorgeous Sarah... love her little smiles!!

And btw... my SWMBO is now 26 and still has the same tendencies!! hehe

Christine x

catherine said...

Doesn't she look smart and very excited. I am so glad she enjoyed her first day.
x catherine

Jo said...

Aww, Sarah, Emily is just adorable! So glad she enjoyed y1.
Hugs Jo x

Anonymous said...

Lovely pics Sarah, so glad she had a great time!
Helen x