Monday 2 January 2012


Urgggh, how horrid is this - hubby goes into kitchen to make a cup of tea (with me following) next thing there is a scrabbling behind the box that houses the extractor fan tube.  Hubby says probably a bird, I squeal and run back into living room - hubby investigates by bashing box and the scrabbling gets louder and the box shifts!

He goes outside (remember we live in the wilds - no lights anywhere) with a torch and shouts at me thro window 'bash the box' - a rat runs out of the fan vent and scarpers off down the pipes!!!!

I'm now paranoid that every scrabble is the rat!  We have two cats - they are not earning their keep!

Am off to bed hoping that no rats make it into the bedroom!!!



Vicky said...

Ooh horrid hun but you did make me lol reading your post...!

hope you...or your cats...catch the wee beast soon...take care..big hugs Vicky xx

Lindsay Craftymonster81 said...

Eeeek, lol @ the cats, mine doesn't earn his keep either, too busy sleeping I think hehe. Hope you manage to avoid any more rats.
Lindsay xx

Tracey T said...

Ooh yuk! We've had this problem in the past but I call the local "rat man" and he puts poison down. Just watch that the little one doesn't play in any rain puddles, just in case, until you're sure that there are no more around. I think I would ring your environmental health officer - they're usually very good and will send someone out. My husband shot a massive one in the garden a couple of years ago - a rat, that is, not an environmental health officer!!!xx

coops said...

ew i feel for you sarah.we had them where we lived before.ours got in through a little hole by the door.time to get the traps out.good luck hun.

xx coops xx

Anonymous said...

Ooh, not nice Sarah! My cat tends to add to our vermin by bringing them home still alive but she thankfully has never bought us a rat! Hope you catch it soon!
Helen x

Arabella said...

Lol Sarah! Maybe you feed your cats too well!


Berry said...

Bloomin horrible things! They are everywhere though just manage to avoid being found most often! Clearly you need to stop feeding your kitties so much so they get hungrier to hunt! hugs rebekah xx

xxxtglxxx said...

lol.... aww Sarah! :)

I too live in the middle of nowhere, and am quite used to seeing things and hearing things. We co-habit quite peacefully with the bats (its a case of having too), but the frogs and bugs drive me nuts sometimes when the weather is bad.

Luckily we dont seem to get the mice, but its probably because we blast our music regularly, shake the house and drive them away! lol - way better than any kind of traps! :)